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Duke Nukem soundboard #2

Hits jackpot with a girl!



(unlike anything you've ever seen before)

(4 months work)

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Duke Nukem soundboard #1

Trolling players in voice chat!

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(best Mercy player in the world? Probably)


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Healed 91%

Some Videos
Compl. Math

Some Videos

Added one cuz why not :)

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Not much thought were put into these random clips. I just wanted something
playing here. Will make it more proper when I know what to put here :)
BTW, if you wanna ask me something, you can do it on Discord: LINK


The Log

I will call this part "The Log", because it's an update/progress thingy.
Putting it on another page though.
Page last updated: April 15, 2022 (added Discord link)
Log last updated: October 29, 2021
Why do you only play as Mercy?
I decided in the early days of WoW (15+ years ago) that I will only play as a healer. The reason for this is I don't want to die too easily and didn't want to play as a tank. One thing that surprised me about Overwatch was that I can't heal MYSELF whenever I want. There's only a weak passive heal of 20hp/s that kicks in when I've been out of combat for 1 sec. I could ult to get the same passive for the duration (even during combat), but it's still just 20hp/s and not a normal self-heal that I'm talking about that healers can do in most other games whever they want as long as they have mana. So, it's ONLY during certain conditions I get this weak passive. So, for once, I can't play as a tanky healer. I will still only play as a healer though, and chose Mercy as she's female and the TRUE healer, IMO. She's got an angel-like look with her wings and a halo. Even her name has "angel" in it: Angela. Also, a healer that can't resurrect is no proper healer :), which excluded the other healers from the start.
Why only play as females? Are you gay?
This is literally what people ask. I've gotten this gay question too many times. Am I gay? Nope. I prefer to play females as they are prettier to look at and listen to, rather than some disgusting dude and their grunts, bleh. IMO, it's more gay to play males :)
What do you do if someone picks Mercy before you?
I just ask if I can play her instead. If I can't, and it's an ongoing game, I just wait until I get kicked from inactivity. This is how I got 5 sec on Zarya - I couldn't play as Mercy so pressed ESC to get to the menu so I could leave, but pressing ESC after the character selection timer is over THROWS me into the game with whatever character is selected. So, now, just in case, I simply wait to get kicked (which doesn't take long) instead of pressing/clicking anything. If it's a fresh new game instead, I leave before the timer is up and the match begins.
Why don't you play competitive?
I'm not a tryhard, so it wouldn't be fair to my team if I didn't really try to win. I just wanna chill and do whatever I feel like. Win or lose, I don't care. Also, I don't want to split my time between different modes, so... QP only ftw! My fav thing to do is to pocket someone, and when doing so I generally don't heal the rest of the team >:)
Aight, no competitive... but don't you want the golden weapon/staff skins?
Nope. I'm not interested in the golden weapon skins for Mercy. I'm using her Amber skin which makes both her outfit and weapon match each other. If I used the gold skin for the staff/weapon, it wouldn't match her outfit as good as Amber does. If I wanted it I would have had it in S2 already.
Speaking of voice talk. Why don't you want to talk? Shy?
Nah, just lazy. One time there was someone who wanted an interview with me as they found it fascinating I only played as one character (quite literally, unlike most other players). I declined as I'm... again... too lazy :)
I've noticed you don't change your skin, icon, emote, etc. Why not?
Just like with picking just one hero and staying with that forever without trying anyone else, I do the same with cosmetics. I did use a different skin from the very start as I maybe didn't know how to change it or didn't have the Amber one. But shortly after I started playing I picked the stuff I wanted and haven't changed since. I change the voice lines sometimes just for fun, but nothing else. Most Mercys I see use the Witch/Pink skins. Yeah, they look cool, but I want to look like a healer, and not like a witch, viking, devil, etc. The skin I would prefer to use is Mercy's Summer skin, but didn't have it when I decided on what skin to use... forever.
So, you pay full price for a game and only experience a small part? That's stupid!
Yup, which I sort of am for playing this way :) - but it's the way I've chosen and do it in all games.
But, by playing this way you won't learn the other classes and are just gimping yourself!
Nah, I don't need to play other classes to know what they can do. Same in Hearthstone.
Do you have autism?
Meh, why do people keep asking this?. No, I don't (I think), I'm just weird and like to do things differently :P
I see you have over 100k gold and none of the characters' stuff maxed out. Why?
Well, I only play Mercy and don't care about the stuff for any other character. You would think I would buy all the stuff I could for her so she's 1XX/1XX, but collecting stuff is nothing I care about. I already have the stuff I want for her and won't buy anything else. I'm the same when it comes to achievements, don't care for them. Not having to care about these things makes it more pleasant to play for me :), less stressful. Some achievements are maybe a one-time opportunity only and will never come again... I still won't get them.
So, yeah, don't want the golden weapon/staff skin, all the stuff for Mercy, achievements, play nothing else but QP. Yup, it truly is a waste of money playing this way! :D
Don't you get bored?
Yes and no. I try to make it fun by being silly in the chat (did some soundboarding) and hopefully get interesting replies/comments. One of my favs is pasting "Hi, I'm Ironclaw and I'm addicted to playing Mercy", then someone might check my profile and say something interesting :). I know there's players out there with way more Mercy hours than me, but who plays JUST Mercy? I've only seen me do that so far. Everyone else has hours in other characters.
Are you never tempted to play another character? Got a smurf account?
I sure am. In the old days of Counter Strike and other similar games, sniper was my preferred choice. I would love to play as Widowmaker. I also like being sneaky, so Sombra could have been fun. But hey, I've chosen my way of playing and it will probably not change. A lot of people think I have a second account where I play all the other characters on, well, I don't. I have one more account, but it was just for testing my soundboard stuff. Only hero played there is Mercy as well, with about 1 hour on her (QP ofc). Here's a video: LINK.
I don't like splitting my time and effort over different characters. Better to do it with just one, makes it easier and faster to get a good geared character (not just talking about Overwatch). And, as a bonus, I might get really good with him/her.
Do you like holding down LMB?
Well, I don't hold it down, it's just a click between healing and damage boosting. I spend more time on damage boosting. So, it's more often RMB is active than LMB. I constantly switch between them tho. As soon as no one needs healing, I damage boost someone.
Gratz on XXXX hours /w Mercy! Will you do one of those "This is what XXXX hours with Mercy looks like!" videos?
Nope, that shit is beneath me. I really hate all those kinds of videos. They simply make a compilation of clips where they do really good in various things, then add some stupid music and text to let people know what they were thinking at the time - like "yeah, here I noticed this and that and made the fast decision to do this and that" and stuff, which I think is usually BS and they just noticed those stuff afterwards, and people watching it think it's SOOO impressive and that they are a PRO player. Well, they might be good, but MOST players can do such video, even someone with maybe just 50 hours. We all have those moments where we do good every now and then, but putting them together into a video doesn't prove anything. Anyway, I will not do such video (even though it would probably get me a lot of views and some new subscribers, like everyone else gets who posts such videos). However, I am thinking of doing a different type of video, which is not to show off skills, but other stuff. You'll see when I get to it. Will probably add a link to it here.
All those hours on Mercy and with just one character? Get a life!
I got comments like that even in the early 200s. Now I'm 2000+ and I get them more often. And I usually respond with something like "2000 hours in Overwatch since the launch is nothing". Maybe they mean I should get a life because it's only ONE hero I play? Well, that still doesn't make sense. If I could have it my way, I would have had 5000+ hours by now (like many other players), but having a life is a bitch. I play like 5h/week.
Why don't you heal me in the starting room when I hurt myself on purpose for you?
I used to heal people who did that, but as I get no ult from it and I'm tired of telling people that after I've healed them, I now instead DON'T heal them (so maybe it sinks in more... yeah, could be new people every time of course). I do heal you, but only when you've been hurt out in battle. I'm sure you mean well doing this, who wouldn't want free ult, right? :) - it's just not how it works though. Thanks anyway.
"Stop being such a lamer, Ironclaw. Just heal the guy instead. It only takes a few seconds" - No, because then they always do it again and again and again right after. It's really getting tiresome and it's better to lecture people about it so other healers out there won't run into the same behavior from the guys I explain it to. Sometimes I just don't tell them (too lazy to tell, or even paste from quick-paste-macros), but then I just feel bad, like they think I'm a bad and mean Mercy for not healing them, and they say mean things :'(... understandably :)
Do you think you are special and better than most other Mercy mains?
Of course I don't. Well, I do see myself a little bit special as it's not common someone would literally play only one hero, and not a have a minute on any other hero, not even on another account. This is just the way I chose to play most games many years ago. About being better than most other Mercy mains - I would say "no", as there are probably a lot of Mercy mains. I do consider myself pretty decent. I don't do comp and thus don't have a rank or a golden weapon skin, and those two things seems to be what people measure as skill. So I guess I have no skill.
Answer to question '02' is not clear enough if you are a boy or girl.
I'm a man, sorry :D (43 years old), but can be quite immature/childish :)
What do you think about the new Mercy changes? So many nerfs since day one, right?
I mention them in this video, and also what I think about them.
**Edit: Oct. 17, 2017 - They changed the resurrection CD to a constant 30 sec, but we get a charge instead so can still rez 2 right after each other if one wants, but fewer total resses per min now while ult is on ofc (charge is removed if not used after ult ends... too bad). Also, the bug that made us glide/fly too far when flying to a player, which they fixed and people HATED it was fixed as they loved gliding around (I didn't like the glide bug and was glad it was fixed), is now back but is activated with space while flying. I would be totally fine with this if it wasn't for my constant jumping around, especially right before flying to someone. It's just something I like to do and has done it since day one. So, the bug is back, for me at least. I know it's activated when pressing space while someone flies, but as I spam space and don't wanna think about when to stop, it happens to me constantly I overshoot and stuff. Would be nice if we could at least have an option to turn it off.
**Edit: Nov. 16, 2017 - Mercy got nerfed again. Ressing someone now takes 1.75 seconds, and movement speed reduced by 75% for the duration. So, it's hard to rez anyone now without dying as I'm pretty much frozen in place for almost 2 seconds. I've died SOOO many times already trying to rez people. Most of the time I die before they are ressed, not after. Only safe to rez now while ulting as that's still instant (but for how long...). I pretty much only rez people during my ult now, wasting a lot of potential resses. It's not too often someone dies in a safe place for me to use normal ones. Also sucks the rez CD resets back to 30 sec if I TRY to rez someone, even if not successful.
**Edit: Jan. 30, 2018 - Mercy got nerfed yet again. During ult - Mercy no longer gets a bonus resurrection charge, no more instant resses, 50% slower flying (Guardian Angel), and ult duration is now 15 sec (was 20).
**Edit: Aug. 9, 2018 - Healing beam reduced from 60 healing per second to 50 healing per second. That's an 18% healing reduction.
**Edit: Nov. 13, 2018 - Ultimate cost reduced 15%, healing per second increased from 50 to 60.
Are you that dude who does soundboards on YouTube? You did the Zenyatta and Terry Crews/Doomfist.
Don't know who you are talking about, but nope, I'm not THAT specific guy. So seems like someone has started doing soundboard and gotten famous so people think everyone who's using a soundboard is him now. I started doing soundboards like 2 year ago. Need to put some of that video content together. Got of Widowmaker, Mercy, SpongeBob, Duke Nukem, A kid, Rick & Morty, and others. Only did a couple of Duke Nukem videos, like this one: LINK
Do you stream?

Nope, because I never have anything to say, I would be boring to watch.


"But you can use your soundboards instead. There are streamers not talking and only using soundboards."

I bet they all do it in competitive, because in QP (all I play), there's not always people in voice, and if there are (usually 1-3 only), they don't talk. Most people prefer to listen instead. Doesn't matter if it's on EU or US servers. I can play 10 games/matches spamming Duke lines and maybe have 1 person during all those say something. So hard to get material for SB videos in QP. At least every now and then they /w me afterwards (after I've accepted their friend request, or even find my YouTube channel and say it as a comment on a video instead) just to tell me how much they enjoyed my voices and how much fun they had :)

"Fair enough. Yeah, they all do comp. Too bad you only play QP, you could have been quite successful."

You could have gotten endorsement level 5 way sooner if you played solo, so why didn't you? Also, how many loot boxes do you get at endorsement level 5?

I know, and I usually do play solo, but now when there's the Group Finder, I use it all the time because it reduces the chance of getting an ongoing game. Ongoing games sucks for me, as it means someone else might have picked Mercy already, which means if they don't give me Mercy, I have to leave, which I do in the way of waiting 10-20 seconds or so until the game kicks me from inactivity (I've mentioned earlier in this FAQ why I chose this way of leaving). This leaving ongoing games, even if it's from AFK or not, can penalize my account by reducing gained XP by 75%. Now when there's endorsements, it makes it ever worse to leave ongoing games (I lose maybe 50 endorsements each time). The more we are in the group, the safer I am.

Btw, I don't join random groups, I create my own so I'm the leader, as it has happened too many times that the leader leaves ongoing games as it looks like we might lose and they want to requeue. So stupid when people leave games they think will be a losing one. Lost my endorsement level 5 once as the leader of a group decided to leave, requeue, leave, requeue... read about it here: LINK.

At level 5 I get 4 loot boxes the 10th each month. Dunno how many at the other levels, but seemed buggy when it first was added to the game. Today at lvl 5 when it's the 10th, I get a big picture of Roadhog when I log in telling me "great job" or something while showing the numbers of boxes I got. In the beginning from level 1-4, it didn't always show the amount of boxes, but I still think I got some. So I'm unsure of how many, or if any at all, as it was weird and random. But one would guess it's maybe 3 boxes at lvl 4, 2 at level 3, then maybe the same pattern for the other two, or none at lvl 1-2. Yeah, dunno :)

EDIT: At the moment I'm only 4 because Blizzard took 5 from me. Read about it in the log at the bottom of the page, the "(May. 29, 2020)" entry. Been lvl 5 like 99% of the time ever since Endorsements were added.

EDIT: June 25th. Today I was taken down to Endorsement level 3! Only been 3 once - when I leveled from 1-5 for the first time, like 2 years ago. So, something has changed and I'm giving up on getting back to 5. Read about it in the log. The same date and making the text... pink.

Are you famous?

Should have added this to the FAQ a long time ago as I do get that question quite often. People assume I'm "famous" because I only play Mercy and got a bunch of hours with her, and also have this website (which only consists of this Overwatch page for now, but will have many more pages later. Click "About" at the top of the page).

Anyway, I do not consider myself "famous", but sometimes people in games say I am, like "Oh, it's Ironclaw! You are famous!", I always reply with something like "Oh? That's nice", or something like that :). If I wanted to be famous, I would stream (tried it a little bit on YouTube once, just to test it out) and post my stuff all over internet like a lot of people do. I just play some Overwatch, like 5 hours/week, sometimes more, sometimes less, not much, and upload a video to my YouTube channel when I can be bothered to throw something together (got so much stuff recorded, but I'm laaaaazy).

Why don't you DPS when I Nano-Boost you?

Cuz I don't wanna add more Damage Done to my profile/statistics. At the moment it's only about 2-3 million, wish it was lower, but sometimes they just ask for it :P

Over 3k hours on Mercy and your team STILL lost? Haha! You suck so hard!

This comment gets more common the more hours I get :). I can heal 25k in 15 mins while ressing 10 people and damage amp 2-3k (average numbers) while not dying - all in one game, and if my team lose, the enemy laughs and blame me :). Doesn't matter if I get the gold card on the voting screen in the end, or it's 60% or more.


3k seems to be a magical number for a lot of people, they expect anyone with that amount of hours on a hero (especially an OTP) to magically carry any team he/she's in. They don't take into consideration that it's QP and some people just play to chill.


I've never been a tryhard, although it might look like I am a lot of times as I apparently can perform "amazingly" (I've been told) when just goofing around and not paying much attention, it's just a part of me now - muscle memory and all. I barely have to think anymore, it's just... like... the second someone gets hurt, I might have my healing beam on them, I'm not even noticing it myself until after I've done it, like "oh, someone was hurt over here and now I'm here healing them", don't even remember making the decision. It's the same thing with the rest, like escaping - immediately picking the best tactic of escaping, could be a DF ulting and I immediately "super jump" up in the air to be safe (unless there's no one around to SJ off of, then I do other things instead). I call it "playing in zombie mode" :). This is also one of the reason why I can play her, and just her (no other hero on a second account either) for so long, because I'm not really "playing" most of the time, just chilling and killing some time, could watch a movie on the side, listening to a podcast, or thinking of stuff to do instead or problem solving. I'm like my own bot :)

Sometimes I do "try" a bit (wouldn't call it "tryhard" tho), especially when I play with friends who want to win, then I don't want to let them down with too many losses :)

Most of the time tho, like 90% of my current hours are chill-play, don't give a damn about winning or losing, just playing. And I prefer to pocket someone. Gotten SO many bronze healing medals because of this, as I just go wherever the one I pocket go, and pocketing someone is extra fun cuz I go even deeper into "zombie mode" then :)

But yeah, there's loads of tryhard premades in QP thinking everyone else have the same mindset, and they can be sooo toxic to the losing team, especially if the team they fight WINS lol :)


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