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(Nov. 22, 2016): It's a sad day today. What I once accidentally did with Reinhardt, I today did with Zarya :'(  -  LINK

(Dec. 2, 2016): And now I just got under 1 min on Mei! Dammit! This new system where we can't play as more than one unique character per team sucks. The game FORCES me to enter the game as someone else without my concent. Sucks when I join a game, which is ONGOING, and someone has already picked Mercy, if I hit escape to bring up the menu (to leave the game), BAM! I'm sent into the game with some lame other character. Need to ALT+F4 to be safe I guess, will try that next time... or wait till I get kicked for inactivity. Wish I knew what I know now when this new system first went live. I would have had only Rein then.

(Oct. 9, 2017): Meh, was being extra lazy, silly and careless today that I didn't notice I misclicked and selected Symmetra (was busy chatting). So, now I have a 4th.


(Feb. 28, 2018): People have reported me and I got a warning from Blizzard:

I don't get why people report me for being "toxic" in the chat. I don't say bad stuff and don't report anyone no matter how foul-mouthed they are. I'm sure I'm being reported for playing my own way, which varies. Usually I pocket Widowmakers, which means the rest of the team doesn't get much healing, unless they are close to me, as I go wherever Widowmaker goes. I always tell them to get a 2nd healer if they want healing, or to come to me, thus I often get lots of complaints in the chat. It's just QP, yet people complain and take it more serious than competition. Winning is overrated to me, I can have fun without winning, sadly most others can't, so they get salty and mean as fuck to me and then report.

Now, as I've never reported anyone I don't know what options there are. Can you only report people for being toxic in the chat? I mean, that's what I've been reported for, yet I don't say bad things, it's only my "actions" (pocketing etc) that could be considered "toxic". Weird they all get me silenced from the CHAT/VOICE when THERE is not where they find the problem with me.

I contacted Blizzard support and asked what exactly I've been reported for, as I don't say bad things in the chat, and that I know the system is automated, just like YouTube - if people report for something, the system shuts them down without any employee taking a look at it first. So I asked them if I get banned or whatever, if I can contact them so they can have a look at the logs or whatever to see if I REALLY said/did ban-worthy things. They just pretty much told me that I must have said bad stuff, and if people say bad stuff to me (they often do) I should not say bad stuff back, which I in my first message said I DON'T, yet he claims I do or I wouldn't receive so many reports. *sigh*.

(Mar. 9, 2018): OK, got silenced from chat. Noticed when I typed "gg", which I always do, doesn't matter if we lose. All games are gg to me. Winning is overrated. Says only 2 days, but when I came back out to the menu, the whole screen had a message saying something about my account has been silenced from any communications (chat and voice) without saying any duration (print screen didn't take for some reason. EDIT: OK, got it again when I logged back in LINK), so guess it's 2 days like the smaller one said. It was a game where some of the enemies were chill and started dancing, so I joined them for a bit before it was back to action. Who doesn't "have fun" like this every now and then? I see it all the time. More annoying is players who rage quit when we lose the first point, leaving us undermanned, they do the same if it looks like we won't win closer to the end of a match (I read it's mainly to not get negative stats, or something). I bet they don't get reported, but often loses us the game.

I often get lots of friend requests from people who tells me they had a blast and they agree it's not all about winning in QP, but those who are tryhards (again, I play only QP) report the shit out of the rest and get them banned and stuff.

"Ironclaw, how can you say "gg" when we lost?" - Well, I had fun. Winning is overrated. I made Widowmaker get a ton of damage and even PotG, mission accomplished.


"Well, you fucking suck and I'm reporting you for not healing the team!" - It's just QP man, chill. Most of the time I play like a normal healer, but sometimes I just like to chill and have some fun, pocketing and stuff is fun, even if we lose. I'm not TRYING to lose, but I'm not a tryhard at winning. Most of the time when I pocket someone, there has to be a 2nd healer on the team first, even then I heal nearby players. Heck, doesn't even matter if I play normally and heal everyone, because if someone dies, usually FAR away from me or not in line of sight, they yell at me for not healing them and thus make the conclusion I heal NO ONE. But they see at the end when the stats show and I probably healed a ton. Usually they don't because they like to rage quit... *sigh*, but not before throwing out insults.

That's usually how it goes, but with really toxic language and stuff about my mom etc. I even defend other players who get jumped on for not playing the way the rest of the team wants, for not being good enough, for not doing what one is supposed to know in certain situations, like this poor Widowmaker (I don't always pocket them, just sometimes, so not this time):

Having played just Mercy and no one else ever for 1200 hours is kinda boring, so to make it fun so I can continue to play I MAKE it fun for me. But yeah, people don't like it (except whoever is being pocketed), and I get that and wouldn't like it either if I met someone who didn't heal the entire team (again, I mostly only pocket when there's a 2nd healer, and even then I still heal nearby players), but I still wouldn't mind it enough to REPORT them. If I wanted tryhards I would play comp. Still, even when I pocket, we usually win.

(Mar. 10, 2018): Logged in a bit later to check out my "silence treatment" in more detail. Did a match and noticed this stupid box is stuck on the screen at all times LOL, on top of all places no matter where I go - character select, while playing, while dead, during potg, on the main menu, in options, etc. When the text fades away, the box doesn't LOL :P. Only way to get rid of it is to hide the chat window with Ctrl+Shift+C, but then I can't read what people are saying :/

Can't talk in Match, Team, the other place with white text, not even people I've grouped with (green) or voice. Can only talk to people on my friends list with /w. Sucks now if I join an on-going match where someone has already picked Mercy and I can't ask for her, and people are constantly asking me questions which I can't reply to, so they are like "I think he's ignoring you", "He must be a bot with those hours, maybe report?", "Ironclaw, are you feeling alright?" etc. Some I add as a friend so I can tell them in /w, then remove them immediately :), depends on the questions.

Took some screenies...

(May 8, 2018): Today Blizzard released a Pink Mercy Skin. Blizzard® Entertainment will donate 100% of the purchase price of the Pink Mercy skin to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So, for once I'm buying a Mercy skin (75k credits and haven't even bought one with those, or anything else), but for real money. €15 doesn't sound like much, but for me it is :)

Still don't have everything with Mercy, even though I could have long ago, I only use her Amber skin (since lvl 10) and have never changed it (same with the icon "Guardian Angel"), doesn't matter what skin. As this new Pink skin is for a good cause, I will FOR ONCE play with another skin (and the new pink ribbon icon) to help raise awareness, but only for the duration of this "event" (to May 21), then back to Amber/Guardian Angel. I know/knew people with cancer.

(June 26, 2018): A bunch of stuff was added/changed today, which made Mercy move a bit from her original position on the character select screen (again). I accidentally picked Lucio and entered the game immediately because it was one of those pre-thingies "looking for players". Man I'm glad it was not an ongoing game or I would have gotten time on Lucio. Damn changes.

(June 28, 2018): I've always said "gg" no matter if we lose or not. All games/matches/rounds are "gg" to me. I also sometimes like to say some random stuff before a match starts, just to have some potentially interesting replies to read and/or reply to (only reply when I'm dead or match is over of course). I never say anything bad, just something random, goofy, something that makes no sense that can get the reader to ponder what the hell I could have meant with my comment. ANYWAY, now whenever I say anything, I'm being attacked for being an "endorsement" whore. They say I only say "gg" etc to get endorsements (they are just salty because we lost... "idiot, this was not gg, so don't say that"). Well, if they knew me, they would know this is wrong. I've always been positive and don't care if I win or lose, or die many times. But yeah, most players don't know me, so of course they think anyone being nice and stuff has only started now and is for endorsements only. *sigh*

Btw, I also don't ever leave an ongoing game, no matter how bad it goes. Can be against top500 tryhards. I won't even requeue to play against others. Losing and dying doesn't bother me. And, I don't care who I play with, level and skill doesn't matter, same with who I accept friend requests from. Most people aren't like this though, which is a shame, especially the part about not leaving ongoing games because - so many leaving ongoing games when a point is lost or one wipe has happened, like "OK I died, fuck this... bye noob team".

(July 10, 2018): So, I got level 4 endorsement over a week ago, people told me they got loot boxes, and I said I never got any rewards. They were only level 1-3. TODAY when I logged in I got a message saying 'gz to lvl 4' and gave me 3 loot boxes. First time I get a reward from any endorsement level. So, are we supposed to get this message for each level? If so, the game skipped the previous levels, or maybe it's 1 box per level, as I got 3 loot boxes, but wouldn't I've gotten 4 then? Oh well, dunno. Here's a LINK to a video where I ding lvl 4, and some other stuff.

(July 24, 2018): Today I finally got endorsement level 5. Took only 3 days of casual playing (only got time for about 4 hours a day) to go from lvl 1-4, but THREE WEEKS to level 5!

According to Google, level 2 takes 50 endorsements, level 3 = 150, level 4 = 350, and level 5 = 1000. Which seems like I should have hit level 5 WAY earlier/sooner, but I got fewer and fewer endorsements as time went on. Either people prefer to endorse lower leveled players first, or they just got bored and didn't care for it at all. Endorsements required can of course vary depending on if you've been reported, left ongoing games, etc. As far as I know I never got reported, and I have never left an ongoing game. I don't care if we with certainty are gonna lose, I still stay for the entire duration and always have.

They say that you are rewarded with loot boxes for each level, but I only got a reward message several days after (was when I logged in) I got to level 4, and it gave me 3 loot boxes. Friends have told me they got a message the same day they hit like level 3 + boxes. Wonder if I will get anything for level 5, as I got nothing for 1-3. Probably not. Here's a
LINK to a video where I ding lvl 5, and some other stuff.

(July 27, 2018): Got the GZ to endorsement level 5 message today. No boxes though.


(July 28, 2018): Meh, today I was in a group and the leader queued, we got into a game and he left for some reason, then queued again and left, did it like 3-4 times, and I thought the whole time it's server problems or not enough players (sometimes the game doesn't wait longer than a couple of seconds before it decides not enough players), as stuff like this has happened before, so we are back to queuing. So I asked him if he keeps leaving and he said yes because he didn't like a certain player or whatever.

The dude I played with said "Don't worry. If you got demoted to level 4 it would have happened already as it's instant." I told him from my experience, a lot of things in this game is not instant. I even relogged to see if it would update the level, but it didn't. I still wasn't too sure I would get to keep my current level 5. So yup, the day after (29th, ofc), actually after playing for 2 hours already and then getting back to the main menu to queue, is when it happened - back to lvl 4. It was the same with the "Keep it up" message when leveling up. It can appear days or weeks AFTER you level up. I bet it's the same when you level up, you might have had enough endorsements days ago, but you have to wait for the servers to update the stuff for you. I just hope it really IS 50 points lost per left game (asked on reddit and someone said that), so I'm not back to 0 on level 4.

I've already known the risk of this happening when I'm not leader (especially when playing with randoms), which is why I often is the leader. But from now on, I WILL be the leader, unless I play solo - which I also try to avoid, as solo increases the chance of getting ongoing games where someone might have picked Mercy already. So, will no longer accept invites to groups from people on my friends list (because I accept random friend requests every now and then and don't know most of them, and can't even trust those I DO know, as they might forget I'm in the group and decide to leave, as a lot of people like to leave games that doesn't go well), or join groups in the Group Finder. "But what if they make you leader immediately" - I can't trust that, "Then just leave" - no because they might be in an ongoing game and leave as soon as I join, "no worries, you are probably just spectating" - or I can play immediately as they lack players.

Yeah, endorsements are kinda useless. So far I've only ever gotten 3 loot boxes total (afaik). But still, it's just something new that I can actually have for once, as I only play Mercy and QP and am very limited in that regard. Can't even get all the achievements as her. So, level 5 is something I want to keep, no matter how useless it is :).... and it took THREE WEEKS to "farm". Made a little video:


(Aug. 2, 2018): Finally got back to level 5 (again). Wonder for how long THIS time. So lame how we can lose the levels so easily. If you don't want to lose endorsements, you better be the group leader, as people seem to like leaving ongoing games. Even if you are leader you can lose tons, like being reported, or not playing for a couple of days. They say leaving a match = -50 endorsements, seems like being reported is 100 or more. No wonder there's so few level 5s, it's hard to keep, even if you are the nicest person possible and never do anything bad. Some people now seem to be like "Oh, you got endorsement lvl 5? Let's me take care of that for you *reporting for something randomly made-up*" and BAM, lost a level and can take days to get it back again. This makes these levels useless because of a broken system. They are there for a reason. Several level 1s could be the nicest players anyone has ever met, yet they struggle to keep their level because of bad players.

This is one of the reasons I don't say "gg" anymore, well, not often anyway... old habits die hard. To me, win or lose, it's always "gg", but to many, "gg" is seen as toxic if the match went horrible. So often I've gotten "gg???? we fucking lost! how can that be gg??", aaaaaand I probably got reported.

(Aug. 9, 2018): If you wanna know what I think about the different Mercy nerfs, I mention them in the FAQ - question 20.

(Sep. 3, 2018): Today I updated the design of the Overwatch page. I know it's probably slow, but there's not much I can do about that. Speaking of 'about', click on "About" in the menu for more info. Dunno yet what the next part of this site will be, there's so many more things to add. Like a page for each game, one for my projects, one about me, etc.

(Dec. 14, 2018): Meh. Early morning, couldn't find anyone in group finder, so queued solo, selected Mercy and got Genji, was a stupid ongoing game. I HATE ongoing games. If it was a fresh one, no problem.

Overwatch 2018-12-14 06-26-16-275 under

(Dec. 25, 2018): Today I decided to open my 200 loot boxes, so made a video of it. Got the last 2 out of 3 missing skins, so got quite lucky. It was Devil and Sugar Plum Fairy. The third missing one (Zhuque) can't be had yet as it's event only - Lunar.


(Feb. 08, 2019): It's the Lunar New Year event, and finally got the last skin - Zhuque. Could of course have had this and the other two earlier if I just bought them, but I don't wanna use any of my credits :), which is why I have 120k at the moment, LOL! All my stuff are from boxes only, and all boxes are from QP, not bought or from any other mode. Still missing all those League ones, but can't get those from boxes, so...


(May. 07, 2019): A new Mercy skin was just added, the "2019 Atlantic All-Stars" skin. Looks pretty dope, so recorded a very short video of some high-res stuff. Just as with loot boxes, I don't spend any real money on them, I bought this skin with the League Tokens I've earned from "watching" Overwatch League streams. Click the mage below for the video.


(July 16, 2019): They finally fixed the deselect bug that has plagued me for about a year now. Dunno exactly when it started, but found a recording I did once  from around the time it started, which is about 10.5 months old, so could have started weeks or months earlier, dunno, but it's old and was about time it got fixed. Read on Reddit that some people still have the deselect happen. For me, it happened like in 5/10 matches, but since the patch it's not happened even once, and it's been maybe 40+ matches so far.

Apparently (at least one person said this on Reddit), when your hero gets deselected for you, you still appear to have it selected for everyone else, so no one can steal him/her from you. I often thought about this but never bothered to test it, but seems it can be true, as no one ever stole Mercy from me when it happened, which has been 100s of times.

(Aug. 22, 2019): I played a bit this morning before going to work, but Blizzard had server issues which kept restarting the same map/match, which resulted in me losing SHIT LOADS of endorsements (lost rank 5 + 48 weeks worth of endorsements), taking me down to level/rank 4 again :(

I recorded it + added a bunch of more info etc in the video below:


I of course contacted support and asked for a rollback or even get them back some other way, but got the usual answer (paraphrasing): "Sorry this happened to you, but there's nothing we can do about it, not even if it's our fault. This is your life now, live with it. Thank you for contacting support tho.".

So, got screwed over again. Same thing when I got 4 seconds on Reinhardt due to their shitty game-design. Someone had already picked Mercy, so I pressed ESC to bring up the options menu so I can click the button to leave the game, but what pressing ESC does on the character selection screen if a game is already in progress is entering the game as whatever hero happens to be selected. Sure, that's no problem for most people who don't play like I do, but it wasn't MY decision to enter the game with him. Again they couldn't do a rollback or anything, which I'm pretty sure they CAN, as they do in other games, even in World of Warcraft. So, they've pretty much stolen my mojo as well now because of all this. I'm now playing with such a lack of enthusiasm. Hopefully I get it back.

Speaking of WoW, the shittiest thing that has ever happened to me in a game was when I lost my guild in WoW in early 2012. Had a capped guild called "DOTMASTER RULES". Made it as I don't wanna be in other people's guilds as it offers me nothing, I don't raid etc (more of a solo player), and I wanted to be even more silly. Thought it would be fun to have ppl running around everywhere with that name under theirs, which it was. We had a lot of fun and they helped recruiting new ones until we were capped at 1000 members. ANYWAY, in early 2012, I took a couple of months break from WoW, DURING this time, they released a patch that made it so that ANYONE in a guild can CLAIM it as THEIRS if the GM hasn't been on for more than one month. So, someone did, kicked EVERYONE, got ALL my money and rares/mats/etc I had the guild bank filled with (I only used the guild bank as display to show off my wealth and stuff, no one else could insert/withdraw), and then he changed the guild name to god knows what. I ofc contacted support and told them what happened, but again, they "couldn't" do shit about it. So, stopped playing for like a year or something, and whenever I returned after that, I didn't play much, just briefly testing new content. Gonna play WoW Classic that is out soon, going for the Winterspring Frostsaber first, so during the 2 first months or so, I will do nothing else. I hope they don't fuck that up for me as well, like some new bug that removes it after I've obtained it and they won't bring it back, even though I have proof of riding it and stuff. Or decide to change the game later ANYWAY, despite promising to keep it at 1.12, so that this mount gets 10 times easier to get.

Anyway, here's the answer I got from support about my guild:


(Oct. 09, 2019): Finally back to Endorsement level 5 again.

(Oct. 10, 2019): Just got Diamond portrait! Will make a decent video about it (got a nice idea) eventually, but for now here's a picture:


(Jan. 16, 2020): Today was patch day. As usual some stuff were changed, bugs fixed, heroes nerfed/boosted/whatever, and the "Year of the Rat" event was added. BUT, the shitty thing that happened to A LOT of players was their Endorsement level reset to 0, including mine. On patch day I went from level 5 to 0. From my experience with Blizzard before, I'm pretty sure they won't restore anyone's levels, but one can hope they do THIS time... unlike when they fucked up the servers and a lot of people lost level(s) and they did nothing, which I mentioned above in the previous thingy.

R.I.P Endorsement level 5, you will be missed :'(   (again)

Picture taken the day before patch day


(Jan. 24, 2020): Oh, so they actually CAN restore one's Endorsement level that was lost due to THEIR fuck-up. Lame they didn't do it when I went down to 4 losing a year's worth of endorsements due to their servers throwing a fit. Guess it's only when it's on a global scale they can be bothered to do it. But one or a handful of people = "sorry, we can't do anything, it's impossible".

(May 29, 2020): Not posted anything here in a while, even though stuff has happened that I wanted and should have posted about, but didn't make notes of them so forgot now :). Anyway, this time I wanted to post about them "stealing" our endorsements again, which I see is what I've posted about the last few times above as well. I once again went back to endorsement level 4 about a month ago (the server couldn't maintain the match so people got kicked), and have not managed to get back to 5 yet (so can't just have been a normal thing, as they took LOADS of endorsements), and of course I still don't leave ongoing games, not being toxic, etc, and people don't endorse anymore like they used to. Might get 1 endorsement every 3 or so games now, where in the beginning it took about 3 weeks to go from 4 to 5 now could take months.

So, for the past month I've been slowly accumulating endorsements so I can get back to 5 again eventually, but today, once again, their servers messed up and people lost endorsements (which usually means they also lose a level, which some did, and I might as well later, as it's not always instant for everyone). If I don't go down to 3 soon, I'll probably be back to the beginning of 4 :/

Took a screenshot: Also, here's 2 videos I did of a couple of the other times: LINK1, LINK2.

I know people are like "who cares about endorsements?", we'll I do, as it's the one thing I can have and work towards keeping, as I can't work on getting all achievements/sprays/etc as I only play one mode (QP) and one hero (Mercy). So getting level 5 and keeping it is fun :). But it just hurts and is disappointing when their stupid servers TAKES it over and over again, losing months of progress.

I've lost endorsement level 5 FIVE times now. First was due to the leader kept leaving the match (which is why I'm always the leader now) to requeue as he didn't like the map. Another one was at patch day when everyone or most people got reset back to 0. And the other 3 due to server problems.

I have no idea when I'll get back to 5, if ever, and how long it will take before I lose it again. Most common reason why people struggle getting to 5 is they leave ongoing games. It can be enough they die once, or lose first point, or people don't play the heroes this person think is right for the map, or right before their team is about to lose - they leave. Yet so many people are like "why can't I get to level 5??? I'm stuck at 3 (or 4)".

(June 25, 2020): Today I was taken down to endorsement level 3 (and for once it was not due to their server(s) fucking up) and have now decided to not give a shit about endorsements anymore. Something must have changed with their system. When endorsements were first added to the game, it took me 3 weeks to go from 1-4, then like 3 more to go from 4-5. Of course it's slower to level up now as people don't seem to endorse as much anymore, but I've been at 4 now for 3 months and thinking every day that THIS is the day I finally get back to 5, after collecting endorsements for so long. I've even taken extra precautions:

* I don't say "gg" anymore to speed up the process, as some people seem to be offended by it (and thus report me for being toxic). For example - if my team win and I say "gg", people in the enemy team sometimes takes it as I'm rubbing our win in their face, and if my team lose - my team say stuff like "how was this a gg?? we lost!", to which I often reply "win or lose is gg to me, just playing is gg". It's also good sport imo to say "gg" even if we lose, which doesn't help ofc, they still report me for being toxic.

* I stopped using my voice lines as even that can trigger some people. My fav one to use is "piece of cake", and ye, I can see how people think that's toxic, but it's not the intention. If my team takes over a point, "piece of cake" is my way of congratulating the team for the success. I also like to use it when I manage to get off a rez during an intense situation or managed to escape with one or more enemies trying to get me. So often I manage to escape up somewhere where the chasing enemy can't get to me, that's a perfect situation for me to stop and look at them for a sec while saying that line :). They often look at me as well with a "WTF?!" expression on their face (I like to imagine anyway), and sometimes they say funny stuff in the chat, congratulating me etc on the escape. But yeah, I can see how it can be taken as "toxic", but I personally don't agree it is. Toxic would be if I killed someone and said it.

* I even sometimes say the hours on Mercy in my profile is a bug and is nowhere near that number, whenever someone notices and mentions it. People have shown disgust towards my profile, getting really angry that someone play like I do. They've even said several times that they will report me for "self-harm" and not being a "team player" as I don't pick other heroes when it might be needed, etc. I've been suggested to hide my profile, which of course would lessen the chances of being reported, but my profile is all I have going on for me, so I don't want to hide it.

So, despite not leaving any ongoing games, not being toxic (imo, I've never even said anything bad about someone, afaik), playing regularly, AND the above 3 points, I all of a sudden got to endorsement level 3 anyway. Last time I was 3 was during the first leveling up from 1-5 like 2 years ago. Been at level 5 for like 90% of the time since I got that level, the rest level 4, and now level 3. BTW, I know I get reported sometimes by Pharah players, as they all seem to expect me to go pharmercy, which is not my thing, I rather be on the ground closer to the rest of the players for faster assist. I also get reported every now and when when I don't rez someone, despite it's on CD, or I just made the calculated decision it wasn't worth risking a rez as there would be like a 95% chance of me dying during the attempt and not even getting the rez off, but they don't give a fuck and call me a thrower etc (and yet I get gold healing pretty much every time). A lot of people take QP as serious as comp, which is sad. They get SO toxic. Another reason I might get reported is when people say I'm a bot or do account sharing, as no one in their right mind would/could do something like this, apparently.  Oh, yet ANOTHER reason I might get reported, which is stupid if I do get reports for it, is I have this FAQ/Q&A page on my website which I link to sometimes (doing it less frequent now, doesn't matter how much they ask... some ppl know me and try to trigger the paste, but will definitely not do it if I see it's trying to be baited) when someone asks me one of the many common questions I get asked ALL the time. I paste a message saying something like "that and any other question you could possible have has already been answered in this FAQ/Q&A I made so I don't have to answer these questions as I get them all the time :)", to which people often say "just answer it, takes a sec, wtf, it's not hard!". You gotta understand that I get these questions like every day, so wish people would see it from my point of view. OK, one more reason :P - I like to pocket Widowmaker/Ashe/Bastion, which often results in pwnage and ez win, and the enemy gets sooo pissed off, often dick comments like "mercy, stop sucking widow's dick!".

Just to recap what I've said before in previous dates: I've lost my level 5 FIVE times. First was due to the leader kept leaving the match (which is why I'm always the leader now) to requeue as he didn't like the map. Another one was at patch day when everyone or most people got reset back to 0. And the other 3 due to server problems. So, even if I would make it back to 5 again, it's just a matter of time before it's taken from me again, and most likely due to server issues - where they said, when I contacted support once, that they can't do rollbacks or anything to get my level back, even thought it's their fault. Yet when most people got reset to 0, they had no problem giving everyone their levels back, pfft.

So, despite not caring about endorsements anymore (yes, I know most don't, but I did as it's something I COULD have and work towards keeping as I don't play any other mode, so can't get all achievements etc, so keeping lvl 5 was a nice "hobby"), I will still be leader of any group I'm in mainly because I don't wanna risk getting into comp or any other mode than QP, I will still not leave ongoing games as that's just not fair to the team (they get undermanned). Most people seem to have no problem deserting a game, happens all the time. Could be they died once, or lost first point, or just think they are gonna lose the match.

(July. 4, 2020): I'm making a change. 99/100 times I feel like teabagging someone (to be goofy, IMO, not toxic), I don't do it because a lot of players see it as toxic. I don't mind it when people do it to me, it's just funny. I used to teabag a bit more often before endorsements, but to keep my level, I decided to pretty much stop it as people didn't like it. Don't even say bad things to people even if they are being nasty to me (which they often are), I don't report them either. I'm like the least toxic player there is. If anyone's worthy of Endorsement level 5, it would be me. But, people abuse the report system too much, and the servers are shitty so can't maintain it anymore, no matter how hard I try (used to be very easy, had lvl 5 locked for over a year, then things seem to have changed). Just like no time on any other hero or game mode, I don't want 'damage done' added to my stats. I rarely use my gun, just heal and damage amplify. I'm all for peace. I'm proud of my 200k 'hero damage done' as it's low. I mean, who even over 500h has that low?

SO, the change I'll be doing, or have done for the past 2 days now is I've started to teabag people a bit again. I'm also using "rude" voice lines, like "piece of cake" when I kill someone. It's my fav line and usually only do it when I manage to escape or to tell my team of a job well done when we take over a point or win, it's not meant to be toxic to any enemy who might hear it. I'm also shooting a bit now. I know shooting every now and then can be beneficial for the team when there's not much healing needed, and it also helps me get my ult up faster if there's no one worth using my beams on. Won't go full Battle Mercy tho, as I still want to keep my 'damage done' relatively low. But will shoot a bit every game I think. If there was no damage stats, I would dps much more often. Same if there was no game mode tracking so people couldn't see the amount of hours in each mode - then I would play other modes as well (no, setting the profile to private doesn't count).

Overwatch has some of the most toxic players I've ever met/seen. You can simply at the start of a match say "hi" or "o/" (wave) and you get yelled at.

​TL;DR: So, what I'm saying is - as endorsements doesn't work properly and people abuse the report system for whatever reason they see fit (they might want a rez, but it's on CD, which they don't care about, that's a report on me right there for "throwing" etc), I'm gonna let loose and not be so strict anymore... gonna be a little bit toxic - nothing major, just teabag a bit here and there, use voice lines, and also start shooting a bit, killing an enemy every now and then. Also, my fav thing is to pocket someone, which I used to do a lot before endorsements, but also that was something people sometimes didn't like, so started doing it way less. But now I'm gonna do it again, cuz... no incentive to be super nice anymore as endorsements doesn't work properly and you lose them unfairly to stupid shit.

My current stuff...

Overwatch 2020-07-04 23-08-29-675.bmp

Ways you can lose endorsements:

* Getting reported (A)

* Leaving an ongoing game (B)

* Server crashes so everyone gets kicked (C)

* Server bugs out so it keeps restarting the map/match (D)

* Not enough players so you all get kicked back to queue or whatever (E)

* Not playing enough so the endorsements you currently have slowly decays (F)

* During queue you get prompted "game found", but after a short moment it goes back

  to queueing as it changed its mind. (G)

(A): People love to report other players, even for no real reason. Could be they just don't like you, could be jealous for whatever reason, might not like the hero you chose to play or how you play it (doesn't matter if it's QP), might not like your name, might have died to you (ikr). The list goes on and on and on.

(B): You lose endorsements if you leave the match after it has "started", which is after the hero select timer has ended, and before potg is shown (I always leave after potg has ended, just in case... well, used to, now I just don't give a damn).

(C): Happens too often, "an error occurred" or whatever the system message says.

(D): Also happens from time to time.

(E): Another stupid unfair way the game removes endorsements from you. Happened again just yesterday, kept video of it for once, but probably have this situation and the above ones shown in videos somewhere already, as I've linked to these things before.

(F): Apparently they can decay, which is nothing I ever noticed myself. Was at lvl 5 for over a year, during that time I had 1 month break here and there, never lost it. Maybe I had enough endorsements on top of lvl 5 so whatever it decayed wasn't enough, but don't think so.

(G): This one I've not confirmed myself, but is probably yet another reason.

It would make sense endorsements keeps stacking on top of lvl 5, or just one report or whatever would take you back down to 4. Like I said on the "Aug. 22, 2019" date on this page, the map/match kept restarting and shortly after I was taken down to lvl 4 from having been lvl 5 for over 48 weeks. One fail of their servers and you can lose LOADS. Some cases might take way more endorsements than others.

(April 1, 2021): It's been a while since I posted anything here in the log, even though new stuff has happened that I would consider post-worthy, but been too lazy and forgot what the stuff were :)

Anyway, just noticed Blizzard has recently cleared most of my pending friend requests (probably happened with the blizz launcher update we recently got). I've always been at the cap of 200 (or whatever it is), which can be seen/counted in some games. In Blizzard launcher tho it only said "99+", but now after the change, only 7 of the latest ones remain. Too bad, kinda liked having so many pending requests, especially when people couldn't send me new ones as I was at cap :). Some were from Hearthstone, WoW, D3, Overwatch, gathered over the years. Now I'm getting spammed again and there's no option to disable friend requests. "Why do you dislike the friend requests people send you?", I don't really need new friends, but I do every now and then remove someone who hasn't been online in months, and then accept a random friend request.The kinda annoying part is mainly the pop-up spam with its sound (small banner-like thingy coming down from the top.

About my progress in Overwatch - I try to play an hour here and there, some days nothing. At the moment I'm at level 3208 (maxed diamond border/portrait thingy with 5 stars, on my third loop, I think, so that would be 3000+100+100+8, right?) with 2881 hours on Mercy, and <1 min on 5 other heroes (ranging from 4-8 sec on each).

current ow stats.jpg

The Overwatch FAQ/Q&A page sure could need an update on various things.

(April 6, 2021): Overwatch Archives event thingy was just added. What's nice is there's a new Mercy skin (Camouflage), what's NOT nice is the only way to get it is to play the Archives stuff. I have to this day still not played any other game mode than QP (and 6h of comp season 1), except messing around a bit in workshop and only testing my own creations. Wish I knew the skin will be for sale after the event ends, like 3000 credits, as right now the unlock button is... locked. Just to be on the safe side, I guess I'll play Archives (week 3, April 20-27) and collect it. The main reason I don't want to play any other mode is I want to keep my profile as clean and empty as possible. So, now I'm kinda forced to add some Arcade time to it :(, and who knows what else might be added in the drop down menu from doing some Archives crap. I still don't know why season 11 was added to the drop down list when I never played it, literally 0 time there.

Edit: OK, turns out it can only be obtained by playing Archives, can't be bought later, and will most likely never return again in the future. So playing Archives it is, my poor profile! :(

Current hours and stuff

Overwatch 2021-04-06 23-36-37-925.jpg

No S11 time, and yet...

Overwatch 2021-04-07 00-03-29-952.jpg

Elimination also clean

Overwatch 2021-04-07 00-03-23-367.jpg

Click image for more info


(April 21, 2021): OK, turns out Archive stuff (or at least the stuff I played) is not added to the profile :D, phew. It remains... "clean"-ish.

(Oct. 29, 2021): Every now and then I enter my own custom games to tinker with the workshop and stuff. I've still never played any other custom games than my own. Anyway, today I jumped in to test some stuff, did this during queue to kill some time, took 3 mins then I found a game. Later I noticed those 3 minutes were added to "Game Browser" in my profile!!! Noooo!!! Thanks for including this change in the patch notes, stupid Blizzard! If I had known, I would not have set my foot back in custom stuff. Seems this change was made with the September 7 update.

game browser time.png

(Aug. 2, 2022): I tested the two last open betas for Overwatch 2, just in Practice Range to test the new Super Jump, and I'm disappointed with this shitty change, it's gonna mess me up. Right not with the current SJ I never fail it, I've mastered it, can maybe fail 1 in 100 jumps, I do it without thinking to press the keys, it's instant, saved me 10000 times. So lame they change it so it's "easier" to perform it for newbies. But it's also changed for us "pro" to worse, at least for me.

Anchor 1

(Sep. 14, 2022): So, today all loot boxes for everyone opened automatically, which sucks as I've always kept 1 of each box as soon as they were available since day 1, for like 6 years now. So, wish I could have seen what was in them at least, 6 year old contents.

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