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This looping video background annoys me cuz I recorded it in 4k/60fps at too high rendering so the video capture software didn't manage to capture all 60fps
so it misses some frames, thus doesn't run smooth, bit stuttery in 3 or so places.

Some Quick Facts

* I was never into Arenas, Raids or wanted to join a guild. Only ever been in like two guilds (briefly). Most of the time my own (have had several after I lost my first one, with only me in them, to be safe). Only made my own to be silly, wanted the name under my name and the bank space. Became famous for my... shenanigans so people wanted to join "DOTMASTER RULES".
It wasn't a serious guild (like all other ones I've made), we didn't play much together, no raiding etc. At least I didn't. I did solo stuff mostly, like collecting the mounts I could get on my own, and other stuff. Also liked to mess with the horde outside of Arena/BGs as being a "tank priest" makes it fun and is one of the reasons I liked playing like that.
* Only started playing WoW Classic to farm for the Winterspring Frostsaber mount. Took 10 months lol, cuz lazy and busy with IRL stuff. So, 1 month was to level up to 60 (took my time as I did only darna rep stuff), then 1 more month to level up 4 alts to multibox with in Winterspring, as I kept getting ganked. Dunno what to do now tho. Don't wanna raid or PvP or anything else. Hmm. Need to think about it.
* Pretty much stopped playing shortly after someone stole my guild in early 2012 due to a patch that came when I was on a 1-2 months break (only played a little bit here and there after that) . It was capped (1000 members), had lots of gold and sought after BoEs in the bank, and was called "DOTMASTER RULES" (Dotmaster is my main in the retail version). Returned a bit later when MoP was released, played a bit of that, but was short-lived, so left again and came back in late 2014 or something when WoD got added. Played it a bit as well, but the thought of losing my guild in 2012 constantly kept popping up in my brain (same during MoP, hence short-lived), ruining my fun. So, after a bit of WoD I left again and didn't play more, I think. Until now when WoW Classic got released. So no more retail. Just some Classic.
* Been a "tank priest" most of the time. I'm sure I was the first to do so, at least the way I play and spec for it. Also probably first to call it a "tank priest".
* Never played on a private server.
* Never played Horde. Funny how I got the Horde version of both the game box design and the Blizzard Authenticator (physical version). They apparently sent them out randomly so one never knew which version they would get. A friend of mine only got the "blue" versions and did only play Horde. But we never swapped.
* Played on day one of release (in EU).
* Played in the Beta before the game came out 16+ years ago. Have had the same Blizzard account ever since. Never botted or bought gold, taking no risks with this awesome account.

My Journey

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