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Will start working on this page soon

What you can expect to see here are stuff like:

Images from 2005+, videos, loads of info about my past in WoW, what heroes played and why. Mainly gonna be stuff about the new-released WoW Classic. This page will document my progress, like I did with my Overwatch page. I will add a progress bar of how close I am to getting the Winterspring Frostsaber, as I'm gonna go for that as soon as I'm level 58-60. Normally they say it can take at least 2 months if one plays 4 hours per day and got epic mount + don't get ganked too much.

Well, I might only have like 2 hours to play most days, and will be playing on a "full" PvP server, and might start without an epic mount (will see, maybe I wait until I have one), so... gonna take some time, and hopefully I won't give up. I got it on my main account (collected mounts and other things), dunno if that was when it was hard or easier.

I bet some people are gonna bot 24/7 and have it within 2 weeks, or a team taking turns with the same hero.

Upped a video before Classic went live. It's a bunch of random clips from my time in early days of WoW. It's a bit messy, and loads of text which I know people hate to read :)

If anything, maybe at least check the last 20 secs.


Sep. 1, 2019: Just a quick and dirty current progress image. Yeah, I'm poor, and LOL on all those hours and yet only lvl 27. When I was lvl 19 I had 18 hours played (solo), then I had to move into Horde territory and I will NOT leave or do anything else until the quests I have there are done, and they kill me over and over and over again on SIGHT. Even spawn-camping me.

I always /hi, /wave when I see one, but they always attack me, and they are never alone.

So, a quest that on a PVE/RP server could maybe take 20 mins might take 1-2 hours for me.

Doing mainly quests that give Darnassus rep, so can't level elsewhere too much as they might go gray, thus I lose rep. Yeah, PvP server, always more horde than alliance on any

server I've played before. I would say on this one it feels like 5-1 horde-alliance ratio.

Playing on Stonespine, gave up on Gehennas for various reasons. If I was leveling normally, I would have been an ez lvl 45+ by now.


Sep. 10, 2019: Wasn't gonna make another update/progress thingy, but did it anyway. I'm 42 atm... levels up slowly, like 7h at average per level lol.. mainly doing quests, and they are hard to come-by for some reason. Many I can collect are like red and shit, and I won't do dungeon runs to farm xp, which is quick AF imo... ez lvl 60 by now if I just wanted to lvl to 60 as fast as possible.. would have been done days ago... got about 3k into Revered with Darnassus atm... not many darna rep quests available that I can do at my current lvl that I haven't already done, so need to level up a bit more.. doing quests here and there... Noticed I get a certan % darnassus rep (and prolly ironforge etc at the same time, not checked) when turning in, let's say a quest that gives stormwind rep... for like a quest that gave me 83 sw rep also gave me 15 darna rep, a quest that gave me 220 sw rep gave me like 40-45 darna rep. Most quests I've done that doesn't specifically give darna rep don't give any darna rep, like those from gnomes, dwarves, the booty bay ppl... very few have given me darna rep when I've turned them in. It seems it's mainly sw rep quests that gives me some darna rep (but yes, has at one point or another also gotten a bit from a swarf/IF quest). So I mainly try to do quests now I get from humans and NE ppl. Anyway, here's a pic again:

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