Flash game: Moonstone Remix (Apr. 14, 2006)

I started on a Moonstone remake in 2004, didn't get far, got busy with other things more important I guess and got further and further away from the project that I just never continued it. I found some of the source files and uploaded the stuff I could find. At the bottom of this page there are two early prototypes, one being the start of the game where you can start the game, wander a map, visit a tavern and a mountain - the mountain is the intro. The second prototype is a fighting engine. Both there are very crude, not nicely done, it was thrown together so I had somewhere to start, so it doesn't look that fancy in some aspects ;)

I don't remember much, don't know how far you could play, didn't really try it much myself after I found the files. All I know is you press the "Map" button on the menu with the sword cursor using the arrow keys, then you can't wander far away as you need to do stuff first, like visiting the tavern to get some info, then you need to go to the mountain (for the intro), and half way through the intro I left the game, so don't know what else could be done.

Being a Moonstone fan, I found this Moonstone Tavern place hosted by Rob Taylor, so I signed up in the forums,told people about this project I was gonna start one. People got very excited and wanted to help out with ideas (as I also asked for some, to make game become reality faster so I didn't have to think of everything myself). The thread this discussion was made in was pretty big, loads of ideas/suggestions, pictures etc. Sadly, this thread seems to be long gone, the link no longer work (LINK). Only thing that is left is the two source files I have of the game and the text+pictures of the remake posted by Rob. You can read it here. I've copy/pasted that part below:

Ironclaw's Odyssey

What looks to be the most advanced re-imagining of Moonstone so far is principally being coded in Flash by Tavern forum regular Ironclaw, although lots of inspiration and help has also been forthcoming from the inimitable Sir Sheepus. Keep up with the latest happenings in this forum thread

Ironclaw's hugely exciting Moonstone Test (posted May 24th, 2004) simply has to be seen to be believed, with a taster of the new introductory sequence, enlarged map environment, as well as early glimpses of both the player combat engine and early enemy AI. If this teaser doesn't get fans drooling in anticipation, nothing will! Try out Ironclaw's actual working Moonstone Test at www.retrogaming4ever.com, then get on your knees and pray to Danu that he resumes work soon!

Below are a few interesting progress pics, illustrating the development of the remake up to its present point.

The World Map

click for full size


Ironclaw is determined that his remake will possess a much more expansive map than Rob Anderson's original. To this end, he and Sheepus went about totally renovating the original map, adding new locations for lairs and towns. It now even scrolls! Click on either picture for full size...



In contrast to the original, the Moonstone remake is aiming to include a fair bit of interactive dialogue between characters. Here's a sample of some potential dialogue between Godber and a citizen of Breed known affectionately as "Bob" that I knocked up a while back...

You enter in the tavern and a menu appears. There are two options:

1. Gamble
2. Converse with Tavern denizens

Bob – We don’t get many visitors round these parts stranger. What business brings you to Breed?

Sir Godber – My business is my own. And you’d do well to remember it!

Bob – Fine! Fine! Just makin’ conversation, like.

Sir Godber – My apologies, my long journey has made me weary. In truth I know not why I have wandered into this godforsaken pit…

Bob – You’re not one of these new-fangled Christians cultists, by any chance?

Sir Godber – I follow no man, and certainly no Christian God! I am nothing but a mercenary, a sword for hire. Gold is my god and Fate is for fools!

Bob – Then you don’t know about the Moon cult in these parts then stranger? They are looking for man to defend the olde traditions from these Christian zealots! All of this promising of peace and equality to the people is hurtin’ old Danu’s following no end!

Sir Godber – Bah! Peace and equality in these times? Don’t make me laugh! No – I have little care for Danu or any Moon cult but I’m always interested when there is a reward involved. Tell me more peasant…

Bob – Well, these Christians have already built a monastery in the wetlands. They are decent and kind to us humble citizens of Bree

To be continued...



By "borrowing" a castle graphic from Defender of the Crown and tinkering with it a little, Ironclaw then placed it upon an existing Moonstone background before altering the colours. Mightily impressive!

Sir Godber gets mean and moody with the troll from the Secret of Monkey Island. No Red Herrings for you this time matey - just the taste of cold steel!

A few of the creepier Secret of Monkey Island locations undoubtedly had a Moonstone "feel" to them - perfect for the remake!


Although the sumptuous hand-drawn visuals of Capcom's Knights of the Round are undoubtedly ace, they were a little too bold for Ironclaw's tastes. Still, great to see the legendary King Arthur lining up alongside the even more legendary Sir Godber!


Alongside Sir Sheepus, I have also chipped in with some initial narrative and dialogue for the remake, my own coding experience unfortunately being restricted to the occasional dodgy bit of html The extract below is from the revised intro sequence... 

(Tree image) As night’s velvet veil draws slowly in, your attention is drawn to the lone mountain that lies some way off to the West. This reunion you’ve heard so much about is imminent. Yet those sneaky druids are a secretive bunch and only reveal themselves to the ordinary people when it is their want.

(Fade out)

(Fade in) But you know where to locate them - thanks to good ol’ Bob’s “cooperation”, of course. Yet that unshakeable feeling remains that there is some other reason for your being here. It’s almost as if someone – or something – is drawing you into the maelstrom…

(Fade out)

(Fade in) In a blaze of light an image suddenly manifests itself within your thoughts – some sort of rounded milky white stone. It’s wondrous. Yet the vision evaporates as quickly as it appeared. Only one word lingers on in your troubled mind...“Danu”. Why does it seem so familiar?

(Fade out)

Shaking these accursed delusions from your mind, you focus upon the task in hand. The reunion is about to commence....

(Fade out)

(Now the tree image disappears and the moon image appears)

(Fade in, still in the middle of the image) The sky is clear and the moon is full tonight, a frozen tear suspended in the heavens. The air is oddly still; ne’er a bird or insect dares to break the silence. Your eyes begin to glaze over. Suddenly the faintest of sounds breaks you from your trance. They are coming…

(Now the intro starts)

(Coinciding with the part of the druids just before they walk onto the screen; the text is now displayed below the image) You hear steps. At the same time the burgeoning song of the crickets and cicadas begins to fill the air. Nature is stirring; the air almost crackles with static electricity.

(Now the druids appear in the path) Suddenly you see them, clad all in grey with torches held aloft. The druids! Cursing the creaking of your battered armour, you follow them as quietly as you can, keeping your distance all the while. There must be at least thirty; they are heading to the foot of the mountain… It’s odd but you, a brave and seasoned knight, are shaking. Do they know you are here? The druids approach a great stone circle. You edge ever closer as they form a circle of power around the ancient monoliths. An Elder Druid, clad in ceremonial garb, emerges from the packed throng.  

(Switch to famous shot of knight observing the proceedings)

You clench your bone-crushing gauntlets into a determined fist. Suddenly the fog evaporates and your mission becomes clear – Fate has drawn you to this place. The Druids knew why you came here all the while, and now so do you…

(You approach the circle and the ceremony begins) Storm clouds rage across an ebon sky that was clear but a moment ago, as if the very Gods themselves were battling for domination amongst the stars. The pagan chants of the Druids reach fever pitch. You are sweating profusely as the Elder turns to anoint you. Bowing in submission to his divine powers, he infuses you with the will of Danu. You are to be the Champion of the Gods themselves! Are you ready to fulfil your divine destiny?

The Moonstone time has not yet passed. The Pagan time is now.
Danu’s epoch is infinite. His enemies will die or bow...


Arrow keys + CTRL
You might need to click on them first (to "focus") before you can control anything

The info displayed in the source html with the game

If I would ever continue this project, I would not be able to use the old source and would have to start from the beginning (coding-wise). At least I would have a great start as I have a lot of the graphics already ripped and some knowledge of how the game should be from just copying what has been done so far.

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