My Stormtrooper Armor

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Will keep myself pretty short here. If you want to read more about it, more details (like what my helmet off ebay cost) etc, check the Stormtrooper album in the gallery.

A friend of mine who's into Star Wars stuff (I'm not) said he had ordered a Sandtrooper armor and wanted me to get one too. I don't like the dirty look of a Sandtrooper and said "no" and slapped his mom... nah, kiddning, I didn't say "no" :), I said I'll take a look at Stormtrooper armors as I like them way more. So, I checked here and there on the Internet to gather some info, like what the prices were, what places were reliable. I ended up buying mine on ebay off a reliable seller. It was an "FX" version, which means it's not movie accurate. The biggest difference is the helmet which is wrong in many ways, mainly the 30% or so bigger head (they made it bigger for license purposes so they were allowed to sell them, I think I read anyway). So, I placed the order and waited patiently. The blaster was ordered shortly after from another seller. 1.5 years later or something I ordered a proper helmet (off ebay again) as I found out how inaccurate it was. The new helmet I recieved had runs and paint stains in the wrong places and stuff, it was so expensive and looked great in the pictures, but they didn't shoot it from angles that revealed the bad stuff, and had them quite bright so stuff that wasn't smooth LOOKED smooth.

I might have been registered to before I ordered the armor and there is where I got the reliable info about who to buy the FX armor from. When I got my new helmet, I posted about it and this guy named Mike (TK-4510) stepped in and said he would take a look at it and try to fix it... for FREE :D, such a nice guy! I sent it to him, made a thread about it called "OPERATION OMG REBUILD!!!!" where he posted a lot of pictures, step by step. He then scrapped the helmet and made a NEW (yay) and a lot of us followed this great project.

After I received the helmet (and other things from the community), I started to work on my armor to make it more movie accurate and to be accepted as an "FISD Expert Infrantryman", as I've learned how inaccurate it was. So I ordered some new stuff (new buttons for the chest, a couple of parts for my blaster, canvas belt...), the rest I went out and bought nearby.

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