Flash game: Dune 2 (Feb. 14, 2009)

I more or less never really got started on this project. My idea for this game was for the player to contruct a little base with a limited budget. You would either have limited time to construct before the action starts, or you could take the time you needed and decide when to start. I think a limited amount of time would be better and more fun. So, you could construct your base using most of the original game's stuff. When done and/or the construction time is over, enemies would come in waves from different directions. Your goal would be to survive for as long as possible. From playing the game more and more, you will learn how to better construct your base, where the best place for certain items like a rocket turret could be placed, what direction gets hit the heaviest and might need extra walls, etc. Tactics will be needed of course as you can also control units of your choosing, just like in the original. The longer your survive before dying, the better score and bigger e-peen you'll get when you top the online highscores.

Writing this gave me back the same exciting feeling I had when I came up with the idea and started on this project, might continue it one day.

You can't do more than place some basic 1x1 tiles and one type of building :/, never got further before I got busy with other things or whatever made me stop working on it. Making this tile placing engine was the first step, and it wasn't even finished, so it's buggy, like even if the area is green, you can't place anything if you don't have the mouse more in the middle, easy fix of course.

Found these two pictures with the source files:

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