Flash game: Wings of Fury (Oct. 11, 2008)

Hmm, donno why I felt like doing a WoF version once, I probably planned something special, hmm... Well, I don't remember now :D

Controls seem to be the arrow keys, doesn't seem like shooting was yet implemented. Hold down left+up and you will take off safely, but don't think you can fail in the state the game is in :P, no collision detection. Also hadn't gotten to fixing the force thingy or whatever to call it, like, you hold up and the plane turns and moves upwards slowly at first and then becomes faster for more realism. Seems there's some accelleration to the speed, like if you let go of left or/and right, it slows down.

HA, memories! Had a screenshot in the WoF project folder, it's from when I repainted the American flag to Swedish :P

Judging by the resolution, it seems to be from my first laptop (forgot the exact specs atm, might edit this with them later). Oh, and look, World of Warcraft and Diablo 2 icons, good games. I seem to have an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond in the back. MSPAINTXP FTW! Still using it. Bleh, used Swedish OS language back then. English FTW!

click for full size

Edit: one might ask why I add this here instead of replacing the top comment about me not knowing what this game was for, well, I just felt like it! Anyway, I remember now what I was planning on doing:

You start off on the ship, you could equip different things, not just weapons, but FUN stuff to pimp the plane. Then you would fly around, shooting/destroying things on the ground with MASSIVE boost in blood and carnage compared to the original version. The most special thing you would have been able to do (if I finished it) is to land or jump out of the plane (but then the plane is gone) and walk around on the ground as some rambo type dude, shooting people's heads off, raiding houses. If you got to the shore, you could swim, take boats, etc.

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