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Posted 2014/6/13 14:11:20
Author Ironclaw
I've seen a few channels on YouTube with "blahblah Mondays", so I decided to do one of my own with adventure games. I call it "Adventure Mondays". At first I wanted to be a bit different and go with maybe "Adventure Tuesdays", but after giving it some thought - nothing beats a Monday, so I went with that.

As talking is not my thing, and I don't like "let's plays" where they talk and ruin the sound of the game (also they don't play efficient and it's not fun to watch because of it. They die, get stuck, etc) - I went with normal "longplays" where the entire game is played from start to finish, no commentary, no game overs, just smooth playing, doing 99.9% of the things right from start to end. This makes it (in my opinion) a very enjoyable watching experience, like a normal movie :)

If I could have it my way, I would release several longplays every week, but as I'm so busy with other things, I don't quite have time for several each week, BUT 1 adventure longplay WILL be released every Monday, and hopefully every now and then at least one more (probably no adventure games, I reserve those for Mondays only).

Monday's longplay has just been recorded, so the second thing to do is to create a nice preview picture that they will all have. Only difference will be the number between the movies.

So... as these will be adventure games, my first thought was going with an Indiana Jones style logo. I downloaded something to use for reference:
So I opened up Macromedia Flash (only thing I use for art... and PaintXP :P, not a Photoshop/Illustrator guy) and tried some stuff out.

I downloaded a Indiana Jones font, typed the text and experimented.

1. Plain text.
2. Added shadow.
3. Moved the letters a bit, changed the size of them, fixed the depth problem they had in "2".
4. Layed them out in a more curvy way. This one is more or less how the Indiana Jones logo above has it, except I made the last 5 letters bend downwards a bit, while in the Indy logo they go upwards a bit, but I didn't want to make my logo exactly like the Indy one as it doesn't look that good. I just wanted to borrow the "essence" of it, so to speak.
5. Added the Indy colors to see what it would look like. It looks nice now, I'm happy with it, so I'll try it on a background...
6. Placed the text on a screenshot from Monkey Island 2. This result is not OK for several reasons.
    a: the whole text is a tad too wide and doesn't fit, which is easy to fix as I can just resize it, but that just makes the problem bigger...
    b: even without resizing it to fit, the text is too small. I have to take into consideration that this picture will be very small on YouTube,
       which will make this text unreadable. A picture is displayed in like 4 sizes, this won't be very readable at the 2 lowest ones.
7. As the text will be too small, and I can't make it bigger as it doesn't fit, I decided to place the second word underneath.
8. That just made it look weird. Moving the letters in the bottom word a bit to match the alignment/curve of the above word made it a lot better.
9. I tried new text on the background again and it looks better, but doesn't really "pop", so a white glow fixed that.
10. Made the text bigger and reshaped the bottom of the A and M.
11. reapplied the Indy logo colors and the white glow - but made it sharper and less "rangy" (yeah :P). Replaced the background with a nicer looking one, added a temporary random number.  It all looked pretty OK, but sort of boring, so joined the A and E for some more "style", still didn't look interesting enough, so added an X as "X marks the spot" :P

I don't like the look of the M's bottom/feet now when A and E are joined, so we can't see both feet of A anymore. Will probably change the M to fit in better, change some colors, etc. Still got till Monday on me to fix the rest. Or, I'll just let it be as it is now. No one but me care about it anyway, and in 2 of 4 cases the details are not that noticable.

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