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The Secret World

8:45 am
A buddy who had played this game for about 2 weeks told me to play it as well, as it was a good game. As I don't like playing games without IRL buddies to play with, I told him that I would only start to play it if he himself will play (so many "play", I suck at typing nicely) for some time, not just 1-2 months. He assured me he would be playing actively till the new Ultima Online comes out, which is somewhere at the end of this year (so, at the time over 8 months). So, he and I played for about 2 weeks, then some GTA game came and he played that and told me he would get back to TSW once he had completed the game... he never did. When I asked him, his excuse was he found the game boring... WHAT? How about telling me about that so I don't play solo in vain (I played a bit while waiting for him to come back, gathered gear for us etc). He also said the game didn't offer much, it wasn't updated with new content often enough, not much to explore and all that shit. LOL, he barely saw the game. He didn't even beat the first Guardian to get to play the next difficulty, he didn't even get his first auxilirary weapon. He saw maybe 5% of the game. So, fuck him, I played a couple of more weeks solo to record stuff before quitting.

I uploaded 3 videos to my YouTube Channel. To fill this blog up a bit, I'll post the videos here and their description.

This first one is a bit of everything, called "The Secret World - character builder/emotes/dungeons/bosses/outfits/monsters/etc... ". The timestamps will of course not work here, so do it manually or go to YouTube.

These are just some random clips I recorded while playing (duuuh!). I've only played this game for a few weeks now.

Like with all games I play, I skip ALL cinematics (even intros), I never care for them, or lore/story/achievements, but, as I wanted to record some of this game for my YouTube channel, I let some cinematics run for a bit.

I'll only put timestamps on some things.

This is just early game footage. The game has raids, PvP and many, many more places to visit and stuff.

In general - earlier clips = my earlier time in the game, but when I wear black, it was before the white outfit. I started recording right after I started Elite dungeons. I'm mainly a healer, like in most games I play (will be Priest in Hearthstone ofc when I get a chance to play it, as I played a Priest in WoW for like 8 years). I had to get DPS gear and a build later so I could solo some things, so I also used that in dungeons to chill, pretend DPSing/gving a shit, didn't have enough hit chance or good gear so I didn't do much good :P, but later on, when I got proper DPS gear and made my own proper DPS build, I started chipping in and doing good. This is a bit after I started wearing my white outfit.

Could blur my login name, but meh, don't care.

00:28 - Character building demonstration (not the time I made El-vira ofc)

Outside content:
03:31 - Start of outside content.
06:35 - Low level mobs, hence why I take little damage (duuuh, but wanna say it anyway :P).
07:33 - It saw me! RUN! (jk, could pwn 10 of these at the same time, just wanted to make it exciting :P).

Indoor content (dungeons):
15:16 - Start of inside content.
18:06 - My fav parts of this video :P
24:08 - Killed myself to show the spectator mode.

31:52 - A solo dungeon, killing a boss for a quest. Didn't know what to expect, just read in a guide I followed that it will be a very hard fight, especially if one is not ranged or decently geared, which I was not. I'm 50% ranged, 50% melee, but I had a heal in my build so managed.
34:08 - Hmm, some more outdoor content, should have put this clip with the others, but meh, it belongs to the stuff that is before and after this clip anyway.
34:29 - I arrived at the stairs of the Black Pyramid, sang the song (I think) and unlocked the door. The first boss inside was easy, threw wave after wave which I simply AoEd down. The first wave didn't go as smooth as the rest.
36:15 - Too easy, but I died in my first attempt, because when he did his AoE, you could ofc see the range it had, so I moved over a bridge (the one I came in from) to get out of range, then back to the fight, but the second time he did the AoE, the bridge was closed... wasn't until the second fight I noticed there were more bridges :P

Some misc clips:
38:24 - Like the guards in WoW, you ask them where something is and they point it out on the map, but these instead point in the direction.
39:36 - This game has SOOOOOOOO many clothing items, like OMG! You can get tons in the game from doing stuff, or buy from the store (the ones in the store probably doesn't drop in the game) I myself just use my black starting outfit I selected in the character builder, but I have gotten several others from various stuff I've done in the game (still preferred my black starting outfit). The one I change to later and is wearing now is a dirty white one I got from doing all 8 dungeons on Elite mode (I think). I like the dirty white one I'm wearing as it has a nice cleavage :P The glare effect sucks, didn't bother checking the video options to turn it off.
48:44 - The butcher
50:08 - The barber shop
51:09 - This was the first time I noticed these emotes. Before this, I only thought you could /sit and a couple of others. I've seen others do a couple of the dances but thought you had to buy these emotes (as that was the guess I was given when playing with someone after I asked how it was done), so didn't think more about it, until in this dungeon when I noticed a small list when I was about to type something. So I tried each letter and used the stuff that was shown. Should have edited out all the time between the moves, boring to wait for them. I wanted to show all, but discovered later there were more (4 hours later that is), which I show right after anyway.
53:11 - Cartwheel!
55:11 - Headstand!
59:44 - The second part of the emotes. I would probably have found all emotes earlier in the game if I really looked for them, but meh, never checked the menu for stuff, just played :P... anyway, in the other emote clip, I typed / and a letter, some letters didn't yield anything, so didn't think there were anything for those, but now I found the list, so noticed these letters that didn't yield anything DOES have stuff too, weird it wouldn't show with just /letter.
01:03:06 - The in-game browser, pretty cool. I know they already have the Google search field ready, but I wanted to type an address to show it works anyway :P
01:03:16 - The store

"The Secret World - The Gate Keeper" (I know you can see the whole title in the video below)

So, when I ran dungeons, people were asking each other what dungeons they need, so I asked them why they ask these questions, is it for a daily quest where you need to do certain or all dungeons or something? They said that they need to do all 8 Elite dungeons to be able to face The Gate Keeper, which is the one you must defeat if you wanna be able to run the Nightmare difficulty versions of the dungeons (Normal - Elite - Nightmare)(think each increased difficulty also comes with one or more additional dungeons. Too lazy to log in to check if this was the case). So, I Googled a bit, read the TGK has 3 challenges - DPS, Healer, and Tank. I'm mainly a healer so I picked the Healer challenge. Should apparently be a tough battle, but I found it being very easy. Usually you only have full QL10 gear from running Elite dungeons when you face him, I had full blue QL10 except 2 pieces, head which was green and another part which was blue QL9 (no signets in anything). Only thing I noticed I would need when I read about this encounter was an ability to remove the DoTs he will put on me. So, I bought a cheap spellbook and the ability in Blood, aaand went off to kill him. I expected to fail a few times, but nope. I even slacked at the end as I saw it was a win, didn't even use my increased critical CD, and didn't have the crit stuff from Pistols as I had to use Blood for the removal of his DoTs.

I went fists+pistols as healer because I didn't want to DPS to heal which also could have a LoS problem, and they are smaller than the other weapons, like shotguns and assault rifles + takes less visual space on the character. The pistols are only used for activating buffs. As I played a Priest in WoW and loved to shield, I first thought about getting Blood together with Fists, but they are two healing thingies and don't work well together, it's either one or the other, so had to be Pistols for me, also Fists is lots of DoTs and direct heals whereas Blood just shields to prevent damage taken while healing much less, so it's not as fast and easy to top the health of a player with Blood as with Fists (I could be wrong, but didn't seem like it from reading the Blood abilities, and also trying some out).

Now, as I later also needed a DPS build for soloing stuff, I didn't want to go with the classic good combos, I wanted to keep my fists and pistols so I could max the skill points for them faster, also more free inventory space and less items to deal with. So I DPS with fists and pistols, it's a 50/50 melee/range thing. Not as good as the range builds most people seem to use. In a lot of dungeons, it's WAY better to be ranged than melee, but meh, I mainly heal in dungeons anyway, and if I DPS, I try to know the fights so I can go in and hit with my fists when possible, but mainly shoot at range, so not as much damage as the others usually, but it's my choice :)

"The Secret World - Cassandra "El-vira" Peterson gets a drastic makeover"

Hello ladies and gentlemen!... and things, as we might have ALIENS amongst us, and they might not be able to be a lady or gentleman, like, maybe they have both sex organs. You might say - "but then they are both a lady and a gentleman", nooo, I say! Can for instance an ANT be a lady if it's female? Nope... this is imo a HUMAN thingy... ye..  anyway...

... like I mentioned in my previous video, I like Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, hence the name I chose for my character. When I played the game a bit I noticed there's a lot of clothing options, maybe I can make myself LOOK like her (or at least similar).

So, I went to the butcher to change my face. Elvira is really pale and the whitest possible skin tone/color wasn't white enough, and also made me look terrible as the skin got terrible complexion and stuff. I could select different heads for different races/culture/whatever, like chinese, afro-whatever, cave woman looking, and other weird things. Their complexion looked very different with the whitest skin color selected, some good, some bad. So, I went with... hmm, forgot now, probably was one step before the whitest and the head/bone structure that looked best for the rest of the things I needed to select, like lips, eyes, nose. Anyway, I ended up with what you see in this video, closest to the Elvira look I could get WITHOUT making her look awful. Also chose red eyes, even though she doesn't have that, because it made her look better and more EVIL.

Then I went to the barber and got the closest to her hairdo that I could find (not THAT close) and makeup (not many options, mostly just tattoos and scars... one had a kiss of lipstick on the cheek, would look sexy with that in red, but what I picked suited better - the dark around the eyes... couldn't have both).

Now it was time for the clothes. I checked the only option I had, which was the in-game store. There might be better options in the game from quests or drops, but I didn't know what the other clothes would look like, where I could find them etc, so the store would have to do. There were only one dress that somewhat resembled hers, just too bad it didn't have the proper cleavage (like my white outfit has. You can see that one in the previous video). No proper shoes either so these had to do. I thought about making her more sexy, getting one of those black neck-wrap thingies, black thigh-high pantyhose... but it would just make her look less like the real Elvira. I've already gone with enough things that strayed from the original look, like not the whitest skin (as the complexion sucked) and not the right eye color. The final looks is not that much like Elvira, but meh, she's still sexy ;)

Would be a short video if I just showed her new look, so I added some other things, like emotes, my first Elite boss fight with this new look, showing the 'quantum auxiliary' (there are different ones, like chainsaw, whip, rocket, and flamethrower). I decided between either the whip (as it would fit my look the best) or the quantum one. Went with quantum as it had a heal thingy as one of its abilities, also, the whip seems to require the purchase of a mission pack/an issue, which I might have as I've only bought one, might have been issue #6, so I could quest in some Egypt area. Will probably get the whip later anyway, so she looks sexier :P

The first part of the quantum place in the ability wheel was a DPS ability, looked pretty nice when used. The second part was a passive, the third is the ability one I'm using in the video. I like this one much more than the first one as I don't have to target anything to use it and it looks better anyway. I noticed that I could use it while doing some emotes, so I recorded that and slapped slow motion on it. Recorded the slow motion part in 60fps so it would look smoother, should have done the same with the back flip earlier in the video. Normally I only record in 30fps as that's the frame limit for YouTube.

She face gets different versions of sexy depending on where the light hits her and how bright it is outside.

00:43 - Fiddling with the anti-alias. I didn't like how the details of her eyes was jagged looking, so I tried the different AA options. The jagged look brings out more details, sort of, but doesn't look that good. With TXAA 2X/4X, the jagged stuff went away, but now it's too blurry, looks sharper and more detailed without this blur. So fiddling with it a bit, better with some blur I guess. I usually don't go with much or ANY AA in games as I don't like the blurry look things get. Depends on the game though, some might look better with AA, some not. To most people, AA always looks best I think.

03:55 - I like this pose and look on her face. The face expressions often changes depending on what the characters do.

02:24 - She looks weird when laughing, and what's up with the teeth color?

04:39 - WOW! :P... she looks the best when she holds the pistols.

As the quality on YouTube sucks, I took some screenshots of her to preserve the original quality (you need to click on LINK under the pictures and then download if you want to see source resolution and quality). Check out "The Secret World" in the Gallery.
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