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Got myself an Xbox One! (only for Killer Instinct)

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So, I played Killer Instinct 1 in the arcades A LOT (just to show off with ultra combos and stuff, as most of the people playing it SUCKED, so it was AWESOME to stand in queue and then do crazy ass stuff while people went like "OMG!", "WOW!", "DUUUUDE!" :P), then on the SNES. I didn't play KI 2/Gold much as I didn't like them, KI 1 is FTW! Over the years since I stopped playing it in the arcades, I've fired up emulators to have some fun with the arcade version now and then. I don't play it much anymore, maybe a total of 3 hours the past 5 years, BUT, a dream I've always had was to own my very own KI arcade cabinet thingy, but it has always been SO expensive. I saw one once sold here where I live (Sweden) for 800 euros (shipping not included), that's too much money for me, especially when it's in used condition so stuff might be worn out (sure, could be replaced), but I rather want a brand new one.

I did a longplay once:

So, I heard about a NEW Killer Instinct in the works for Xbox One, which I of course was interested in trying, but Xbox Ones are not sold outside the US (it seems). The release date for the Xbox One here in Sweden is sometime in September. I could import it, but wasn't worth it for me as I only wanted it for ONE game. So I didn't think more of it and just let it go.

About a month ago when I just felt like checking up on this new KI and see how its development is going, I saw it also comes with the classic KI (if I upgraded to the Ultra Edition). Now I had a more valid reason to get the Xbox One (people seem to prefer Xbone and/or XB1, so I'll go with XB1 from now, faster to type :P). So, I decided to import one but found it IMPOSSIBLE as NONE of the retailers in the US shipped to Sweden, this is because it doesn't come with a proper power cord (different socket thingy and voltage), but no problem, I could just replace it with a normal one or get an adapter (for power and socket). I also read that all features will not be available (probably just the Swedish language of the OS, which I don't use anyway, only English), which doesn't matter to me as long as I can download KI and play it (which I can). I did find a way later to get one shipped here BUT at the same time found out this console IS sold in Sweden (imported ones with proper power thingies, but only by a few retailers, which is the reason why I didn't noticed it until now) as well, but sooo expensive. An XB1 at the time and in the US cost about $500, and the KI FightStick controller $200, then shipping and import taxes on top of that. Here in Sweden an XB1 is about $700 and the FightStick $340. Maybe from the US with shipping and taxes included, it would be around the same price, donno.

Anyway, I decided to just get the stuff here (will also be easier/faster to send it in for repairs if it would ever need it), even though I couldn't really afford it, and I'm now broke :P, but it was something I just HAD to do as it was an OK alternative to getting the cabinet version :D. The installation went smooth, it downloaded the 500mb patch pretty fast and installed without problems. I only had three problems later on - the internet for some reason was stuck on 0.0Mbps download (yet I could download the patch and browse the store), but upload was 9.60Mbps. Took 2 days before I managed to fix it, was some stupid Xbox bug (no wasn't because I used wireless, I tried both wired and wireless and tons of other things, and wasn't a router configuration issue either nor because of the power options of the XB1, I read about and tried it all) which I can't be bothered to explain. Then when I got the internet to work, the second problem was the 200+ ms/ping/latency. This one can't be fixed as the only servers the XB1s uses at the moment are all located in Seattle, WA, FAAAAR away from where I live. But hopefully when the XB1 is officially released in EU, there will be more and closer servers. So, atm, there's no use in trying to play against people online. The third problem was buying stuff. I couldn't add my credit card on the XB1 as I couldn't select my own region. The only ones in the list to choose from was US stuff. I could add it online on, but my XB1 didn't register I had a credit card set up online, so seems like it only works if it's added ON the XB1. Anyway, after a lot of Googling, I found out from some EU people that all I had to do was to use all my real card info, but just pick a random region and look up a proper zip code and it will work, which it did :P

So, I downloaded Killer Instinct, bought the Ultra Edition expansion so I would get the classic KI as well. I'm all set, everything is now up and running perfectly (except the lame ms). I also added a month of Xbox Live subscription so I could use all the stuff like YouTube, SkyDrive, online play (not using that one until better ms), etc. First thing I wanted to try was to record a bit using the built-in DVR feature. So I played and recorded a couple of minutes of KI, then started the video editing thingy, did my shit, uploaded it to SkyDrive so I could download it to my PC and check on the quality and frame rate... I was disappointed. Turns out XB1's DVR only records in 720p, doesn't matter if a game is 1080p (KI is 720p, I know, but I did more tests later with a couple of 1080p demo games plus Googled for clarification). It also only records in only 30fps, which I guess is OK for most people, but not me, I want 60fps so I can do cool slow motion stuff. The colors were washed out, really bad. A 2 minute video took 64mbs, that's (......... hmmm, ok, got it) 32mb/min, which is plenty for a 720p/30fps to look great, even for 1080p, yet it didn't. What also sucks is there is a 5 minute limit to how long you can record! Sure, you can record like five 5 min parts and edit them together to a 25 min movie... but still sucks.

If I had any money left, I would get me an external recorder like the Elgato.

I did tons of research before getting the XB1, and pretty much EVERYONE (most people anyway :P, according to polls and stuff I saw/read) prefer the PS4 over the XB1, and I agree with them. The PS4 is better in several ways (not forced to pay $100 extra to get something one might not want... ye, the KInect), especially the 50% faster GPU. The PS4 is without doubt the better GAMING console, but for those who want to have "all in one", the XB1 is better. If it wasn't for Killer Instinct, I would never get an XB1.

As always (mentioned in other places on this site), I mainly take pictures with my lame iPhone 3GS, so the picture quality is not good (could be pretty great if it's plenty of light, which I don't have in my apartment :P). So, I took some quick pictures of the stuff. Click on the Xbox One link the >Gallery<.

You might ask: "was it worth it?". Not really... $1100 for ONE game (unless you count classic KI, which I won't play, just something I wanted). It's just something I had to do, now I can stop thinking about getting the cabinet version :)
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