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Hearthstone - Can't Play as ONE Class :(

2:34 pm
So, I opted in as a beta tester months ago, I was really keen on playing this game, not that I've ever played a card game before, but it just seemed like a lot of fun. So, I visited the different Hearthstone forums/sites, kept a sharp eye on beta key giveaways, entered most of the contests I could find, hijacked other people's begging threads. I don't mind being desperate and/or pathetic, but I came across like that many times :P, and people told me so as well, I was like "meeeeh, whatever, I want a key so I can play the game :P". So, finally, after losing every contest and given up (gave up the day before I got a key), some kind fella by the name of Chris (aka chrcoluk) decided to give me a key (yay!) (he asked me if I wanted a key in his thread and also sent me an email, as I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise as I stopped visiting all the Hearthstone places), all my time spent and somewhat hard work was not in vain. I recorded the match where I unlock my fav class; the Priest:

I didn't watch that many Hearthstone videos on YouTube/stream as I didn't want it to make the game boring before playing it, but I knew all the basic stuff, even the stupid daily quest system where you can't select what class you want to play every time, same for Arena. I was so looking forward to play towards my first goal, which was to get to max level with the Priest, I can do that without doing dailies/arena and getting new cards, but what I can't do is compete without new cards, which I can only get from buying packs for gold or real money, or win in arena. Now, the problem is, I can't do dailies as I can't play as Priest every time and my way of having fun is to ONLY play the Priest, that was my incentive all along, play the Priest and no other classes, just having all other classes at lvl 1 (except the Mage, which would be like lvl X from the tutorial and beating the Priest to unlock him). The same goes for arena, it's random which one you can choose. I managed to do 2-3 dailies till all 3 current available dailies are for other classes. The day after I could remove one of them and have it replaced by another daily, which just became another daily for another class, same the day after that, so I gave up. Not fun if I can't do all of them each day with the class I want.

Meh, it would have looked so nice to only have 1 maxed leveled class and the rest at lvl 1 (except mage), as no one probably does that, I like to play special :P My next goal would have been to get all the Priest class cards, then the common ones (or at least those I would find useful for me, but I would still get all class cards ofc). I would have made sooo many fun builds, not necessarily made to win, but to have fun, like all the heals, shields, whatever I could put in my deck to survive as long as possible, or all direct spell damage cards with + spell damage/reduced mana minions and mainly cast spells :P (I know other classes like the Mage is WAY better suited for that, but I don't care, I'm ALL Priest and do what I can). Or a deck with just taunts or low cost minions... so many possibilities. Again, not the intent to WIN, but to have fun. Done the same in other games, it's what makes it fun for me.

Buuuuut, as I don't wanna play any other class, I can't get new cards (without paying LOADS of real money) thus can't compete (which I don't really care that much about) or make my fun builds. If I could pay a fixed amount and get all my class and common cards (or if I at least could select which ones of the common ones I wanted as I don't need even half of them), I would gladly pay like $200. But, meh, will cost so much more than that to play the RNG and get the cards I want, or even enough dust to craft them from all the useless cards I would have gotten from most packs.

I disenchanted (or whatever it's called in the game) all the other classes' cards that I could and made me some new ones, but it's not even close to what I need. Got most of them from card packs as I bought 20, just for fun and to support Blizzard a bit :)

So, until they make it so we can do dailies and arena with any class we want, or some deal where we can select what cards we want to buy (a bundle deal or something), I will not play. Meh, such a great and fun game unplayable just because I don't want to play other classes.

Edit 2014-01-02
I've not logged in since I last played, which was several weeks ago, because it's not worth it to come back each day to remove ONE of the dailies and hope it's a new one that my priest CAN do. If I did, I might have gotten lucky and managed to do some dailies, but still, so unfair when others who probably don't mind playing other classes do all dailies each day when I at the most, if VERY lucky, can do ONE. So, this game is a no-go, stupid game design IMO. But you probably just blame me :P, but nope, this is how I want to play, and a game SHOULD let you play whatever class you want, which you can, IF you blow loads of dough in the store, LOL. Hmm, even if I magically got ALL the cards, I probably still wouldn't play, because it's Arena that counts anyway, it's more fun to play Arena when both players don't come with a pre-made deck of the exact cards they want, and it doesn't matter if someone has bought way more cards than the other, it's only RNG and skill. So, "contructed" is not as fun as Arena, buuuuut, same shit in Arena, can't play the Priest every time I want.
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