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Diablo 3 - My Monk Tank! (vanilla)

12:16 am
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Hi, everyone! My first blog entry EVER!

I brought this up in the D3 forums months ago, everyone was so mean :P, telling me CRAP stuff, like I should have done a CM Wizard instead... why? If I wanted the most tankable/OP character possible, I would have done this with a barb or wiz, but I didn't, as I wanna play a Monk, but people don't get that + most other obvious things.

OK, so, I play (or played, as I've not logged in in many months) as a Monk in Diablo 3. I kind of always play a bit special compared to most, like in World of Warcraft, I played a Priest tank (YES, PWNED in BGs and stuff, soloed things most people couldn't without a group). So, in Diablo 3 I did a Monk tank later in the game after I've played as a DPS for a while, and it works really well. I couldn't die, not even on MP10 in the most dangerous moments. I could take hits from elite versions of those 4 armed big things on Act IV. Don't remember how much one hit took, but was no problem. Credit Card Barbs with BiS gear always died from one hit (even "tanky" ones), like every time I saw one get hit and had pro gear.

What I love the most about my tank is I can stand in several pools of green and red stuff that normally HURTS like crazy (one red pool usually kills players in 1-2 seconds on MP10) while several lasers passes through me WHILE enemies hits on me, the more enemies I have around me, the better :P (the more enemies I hit with my AoEs, the more LoH I get (gotten over 90k health back on hits. I show a demonstration in the video at the bottom, but only got around 75k that time).

So, I only played MP10, public of course, because with this build I can't really play solo as I have no DPS, so what I do is I gather mobs, pull them all in with my Cyclone Strike (Implosion), I spam that one as often as possible which is easy as I have 150 spirit + FoT (Thunderclap) and great attack speed, so I build spirit very fast. While doing this I use Crippling Wave (Tsunami) whenever it's suitable to do so (it slows them a lot so they can't run away). I use Blinding Flash (Self Reflection) when possible to stun them all, not to necessarily stop them from running away, but prevents them from casting spells like lasers, which helps the party. So, I just run around, get as many mobs as possible, can run around a whole map and gather them all (but the game/servers can't handle it so everyone lags), then stand still in one spot, not moving, and keeping them all around me (not too many of course as the abilities have range limits) while the other party members easily DPS them down (unless they are like a WW barb and wanna mow through them), no need to worry about running around avoiding enemies chasing them (sure, some might break off and go after someone, but meh, big deal).

I've had a lot of people who LOVE this, added me to their friends list so we could easily grind enemies together. Another benefit of me doing this is people can gear and build for more damage instead of protection. Then we have those who just LOLs at me and says it's not possible... pff, stupid close-minded people, they don't THINK... "duuuh, the Monk has no taunt, so you can't tank", "there is no tank class in Diablo 3, you idiot!", pfff.

I made a lot of gold helping people with the uber bosses (Infernal Machine). I spammed the trade channel with what I do, my stats etc. Many sceptics at first, but they saw later that these ubers were so easy with me in the team. As always, I stand still and tank them. Some of them like to move, but I'm their main target most of the time. For these ubers, I like to use my Mystic Ally (Earth Ally rune = taunt, but not that needed, but a nice bonus), I place that one by one of the bosses while I tank another one, in case I can't get both together, like on Siegebreaker, then I run away (not too far) and help with the Wizard (Blind and stuff), then when needed I cast a new Mystic Ally, she usually last a long time.

Sometimes in the chats, people say they are a WAY better than me, that they can survive better, take more damage (9/10 are barbs), LOL. I joined some games with them and we ran to Act 4 (in most cases), gathered a lot of mobs, and they died eventually, if not immediately, shortly after. I could see how their health went up and down, sometimes in huge steps (some skipping between 10%-100% health every second), while mine most of the time never moved, well, above 90% all the time or something. In my opinion, every "wannabe tank" I've seen in the game and in the forums SUCK and do the same thing. They all only go for EHP (Effective Health Pool), they think that is what counts, LOL. So they stack as much health and block as they can. Some gear for DPS while having as much block and health as possible, because as a barb you have many ways to get health from the damage you deal. Still, when too many lasers and shit came, they either died or tried to run away. I just stand in one place, np, they all run, muhaha!. Those CM wiz mofos are only good as long as everything is frozen, but as soon as some shit is popped under them or lasers come, they flee or die... WEAKLINGS!

I made this Monk when MP10 came, before it was nerfed to the ground in difficulty. Before the nerf, I was just EPIC to have with for MOST players. I still am, but not as much as it's much easier now, the enemies hit for way less, meh.

Anywaaaay, instead of typing on here about what I've said before ("you could just copy that and paste it here, fool", no, then you wouldn't see the replies), I'll put the links to the conversaions:

(the stats and profile of my monk are included in both threads)

Thread title: Please post a Barbarian or Monk tank profile!
Some noob replied " > ehp unbuffed", so I replied to that guy.

I made a troll thread, to brag :P

Thread title: You can die in this game?

I later recorded a video where I show me trolling people :D (and other things)


720p + fullscreen pls

I changed my mind and will at least post my stats here:

EHP (unbuffed): only 4,840,251
LoH: 3.1k
IAS: Fast, but donno the number, don't wanna log in.
Health: 146k (sometimes 180k if I use the aura and Mystic Ally health bonus. A lot of health is easy to get, but not if you want great tank gear as well. Some people stack over 200k health, think they are cool, but they don't stand a chance against anything as they usually don't have decent way of getting health back or reduced damage and stuff)
AR: 1k (with passive)
Damage reduction from Elites: 35%+ (this also works for the stuff they put on the ground and bosses like Ghom's gas), but less block (34%, which doesn't help against a lot of things anyway as you can't block and dodge several things)

I rather take more LoH, more speed, AR and elite damage reduction over extra health and/or block.

Edit: now when 2.0 is here, I have 4.5k LoH and more stuff of the rest as well, will update this page so it's more proper when I get more time. Yeah, it's easy to get loads more health, LoH etc, but I want to be able to take as much damage possible. I sacrificed about 500 armor and 80 all res for 1k extra LoH, worth it.
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