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I wanted a Zod doll and could only find 2 different ones (maybe saw 3, but only remember 2 now) and only this one was good enough, but way harder to get and find than the other one(s) and most expensive. Sucks the colors are wrong. The red should be black, which I will fix.


Google Cardboard

The cheapest VR experience you can have (I think). Bought a couple of these after the ZEISS VR ONE just because I wanted one of these as well (and gave one to my bro to use with his Android)



My first VR experience. Didn't wanna pay too much money so first thought about getting that paper version (Google Cardboard?) which cost like $10 or something. This ZEISS VR ONE was the next cheapest thing and cost me about $150. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Wonder how nice TRUE VR is, where I don't need to use my iPhone for the display.


iPhone 6 (Space Gray) + screen protector + 2 cases (1 being Stargate)

My first mobile phone was the iPhone 3GS, got it for free and only used it for chatting through WhatsApp and trying some small apps I made. It has become sooo slow, takes forever to start the camera and open apps (could have to wait up to 20 seconds before the camera or WhatsApp opened) most apps I try to download required a newer version, terrible connection to the internet (those pins came and went... could like put a bed sheet over me OUTSIDE and internet went away), slow internet...

Now everything is super fast. Got like 3 times faster internet, even though I haven't changed internet provider stuff. Awesome connection to the internet everywhere. Wanted to try that VR stuff so found one that works with iPhone 6, so got the ZEISS VR ONE.


Cherry STRAIT (black) Corded Keyboard

Needed a new keyboard, looked through ALL keyboards on the internet, didn't find one that filled all of my requirements, so this one had to do.

Several things about it I don't like, but meh...


Tales of Gorluth (Amiga game)

Another thing I received, and even if it's something small, I still want to take pictures of the unpacking with my crappy, old iPhone 3GS in a place with little light :P

My first bought Amiga game since maybe 1995 :) Yeah, I know, why bother having the paper in the back when the address has to be erased? Cuz I felt like it!


Octagonal Gate + Bat Top Handle (for my Xbox One)

Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Gate + Sanwa LB-30N Bat Top Handle


AverMedia ExtremeCap U3│CV710

I was excited about recording stuff with Xbox One's built in DVR, but got disappointed. It's limited to 720p/30fps/4 Mbps/5 min, which is totally useless for quality recording. It might be fine for those who don't care about quality and just want to record something short to show off to friends via YouTube or whatever. I went through their different versions and this one is the best for me, as I only have one monitor (don't wanna use more).


ASUS G60VX Laptop Cooling/Vent Mod

My latest laptop, which I bought about 3 years ago or something had heat problems. This model had a FAKE vent underneath, so I cut it open and installed a mesh which I took from an old boombox. When playing games, even in VSync to cap the frame rate to 60, the GPU could get up to 110°C (YEAH!), it still worked, but what would happen was when it got 110, it reduced the performance by maybe 70% so everything lagged, so it could cool down, then when at about 100 it put it back in full speed again, which just made it loop between these states as it didn't take long before it reached 110 again. This simple mod made it never go over 100. I was thinking of repasting the GPU, and install some extra copper shims, but never bothered. I play games on my new stationary now anyway.


The Secret World (B)

These are just screenshots of my main's (and only character) new look.


Xbox One with the Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick™ Tournament Edition 2 (B)

Only got this because of Killer Instinct.


My Computer Build (P)

Been many years since I built my last stationary, been using 3 laptops in a row now for maybe 10 years. Now I finally got myself a stationary again.


Stormtrooper Armor (P)

Pictures for my Stormtrooper armor project.