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Posted by Ironclaw on 2014/6/13 14:30:00 (761 reads)
Next week, Monday 16th, the first "Adventure Monday" episode will be uploaded. These videos will be normal longplays and only of adventure games. So not a "let's play" thingy with commentary (let's plays are crap, IMO). These episodes are like movies, so just sit back an watch :)

More info in the blog here (and pictures).

Posted by Ironclaw on 2014/5/31 12:50:00 (788 reads)
I just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel to demonstrate why higher resolutions are better. Even if you recorded a game in its native res of maybe 720p, that one should be (properly) upscaled for higher "p" on YouTube. The bigger the resolution, the better the quality will be.

It's all explained in the video.
Posted by Ironclaw on 2014/5/25 10:20:00 (619 reads)
I just uploaded a new Diablo 3 video to my YouTube channel. This is the character/build I play most at the moment, it's so much fun.

Click the image to be taken to the video.

Posted by Ironclaw on 2014/5/1 23:10:00 (631 reads)

Hi! You can start with checking out the About section to see who I am and what this site is about, and stuff.

Got myself an Xbox One JUST for KILLER INSTINCT... OMG!

Check out the Blog.