About My Nickname

I never had a nickname before I started playing Diablo 1 in 1996. Me and some buddies got the game at release, I needed to call my first character something, just randomly picked "Ironclaw", then for some reason, I used it for all my main characters in games after that, and other places.

I'm not fond of the name today, I really don't like it. I could have come up with a much better one today and made it UNIQUE, which "Ironclaw" isn't. It's the title of a game: "Ironclaw is a furry fandom fantasy role-playing game published by Sanguine Productions, in which players take on the roles of anthropomorphic animals.", "Iron Claw"/"The Iron Claw" are titles for movies and tv series, "Iron Claw" is also a car game, etc.

Too late to change it now, IMO :)

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